Ex-New Orleans mayor convicted of taking bribes


Reminds me of a bumper sticker I used to see around New Orleans, “Lousiana - Third World and Proud of It.” I don’t know if corruption in Louisiana is as bad as in the developing world but it sure seems close. And the attitude towards all of it seems so blase. I guess there is a good reason that the city is called “The Big Easy.”

Some places except a little corruption. Lousiana insists on it.:rolleyes:


If he was in Illinois, he could have been governor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t he the fellow that wouldn’t let them use school busses to evacuate people during Hurricane Katrina??? God Bless, Memaw

[FONT=Arial]What do you expect in a place settled by pirates?[/FONT]

Nagan together with the governor, Kathleen Blanco, failed to make use of the resources they had available. Part of it was Nagan failing to use school buses to evacuate people. To be fair, I don’t think that the officials in charge realized to what an extent many of the citizens of New Orleans are dependent. There was a call to evacuate, but many people didn’t have the ability to evacuate unless somebody did everything for them.

Better yet, he could of been a “community organizer”, a Senator for a year or so and then the President! He got caught because he demanded the National Guard empty his home to avoid flooding (while people were on roof tops hoping to be rescued!). He fogot he kept his “cold” cash in the freezer and it was discovered! My oh my! :thumbsup:

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