Ex-nun ordains `womenpriests'

Well the Miami Herald has found it necessary to cover a story about a heretical group in Florida. What a shocker. And of course this article has brought out the anti-Catholic bigots on the comments section.

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Ex-nun ordains `womenpriests’
The Catholic church calls the movement illegitimate, and those who support it will be excommunicated.

Absolutely shocking…what are these people thinking? How is it worth being excommunicated from God’s church???
Praying for them.

These people are misguided. I feel sort of sorry for them.

She has as much authority as me ordaining my dog.

Quoted from the news story:

Priests in the movement say they are acting on the Catholic teaching that you can disobey a church law you believe in your heart is unjust, in this case the one prohibiting women from being priests.

There is the crux of the matter. Using the conscience objection as a way around following the Teaching of the CC. It’s utterly ridiculous to use this as a crutch, as it could easily be carried to absurdity. What happens when one’s conscience doesn’t see merit in COTT or CITH… do we get to have CITPP (communion in the pants pocket)?

How do you get to go from former nun to self-ordained Bishop? :eek::shrug:

I think the bigger problem is those in these movements lack any sort of belief in evil. Everything is okay as long as it’s okay with you (or your conscience). They do need prayer, lots of it.

Ex-nun ordains `womenpriests’

The word “ordains” needs to be in double quotation marks, since the ex-nun hasn’t actually ordained anyone. She only “ordained” them.

Praying for her, she has traded in the truth for a lie.

Just another Judas.

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