ex-pentecostal Catholic


I had a little bit of a problem today with a friend who was part of my Assembly of God congregation and now that I’ve “turned Catholic” she’s having a hard time with it.

I told her today that if she couldn’t accept that I had become a Catholic and that I was still a Christian then she could leave my house.

She left. Did I do the right thing?

in Christ


:frowning: Sorry to here that. I’m not sure you did the right thing, I don’t think you did. But I don’t have enough information to adise on this. But perhaps for now, you probably did the right thing.

How exactly did this happen? I mean how did the converstion go? Was she the one who started the conversation? Did she ask you why you became Catholic? How long have you known her and how close are you with her?


It is pretty difficult to determine if you did the right thing or not because we all were not there and we do not know relationship you two had. If there was an opportunity to share your conversion story with her and she wouldn’t listen and started insulting you, then yes you did the right thing.

Don’t feel bad though, when we told our word of faith pentecostal friends (about 20) we had become catholics, they slowly stopped calling, emailing and visiting. Thier children stopped hanging around our children etc., . It hurt us alot especially when we went from an active social life to nothing and being alone. It will take time but you will make new friends.



You don’t give enough information to speculate on what you should have done, but what you did sure wasn’t the right thing.


First of all, I am happy for you that you’ve found the truth in Catholic. Let’s not worry about if you did the right or wrong thing. Focusing more on how you could carry the conversation nicer even if she makes you upset. As you’ve found the truth about the Catholic Church, it could be a chance for you to help others find it too. In order to do this, we should show patience and love.

I’d suggest you take the initiative and apologize to her. You know if I had been her, I could’ve left too because I did not feel welcomed. After you honestly apologize, it is up to her to accept it.

I hope you and your friend will have a better conversation next time. :slight_smile:


15 When she and the members of her
household were baptized, she invited
us to her home. “If you consider me a
believer in the Lord,”
she said, “come
and stay at my house.”
And she
persuaded us
. Acts 16:15

If you can apologize and convince her with your witness that you are a believer in the Lord, then maybe you can persuade her.


I hope you won’t lose too much sleep over this, but you probably will. I had a very similar thing happen to me right in the middle of the early morning prayer group of fundamentalist men that I’d been a part of for quite a long time. I was basically told that I was joining the Whore of Babylon. I never went back, of course. I worked with most of these men, and so I continued to see them every day at work for several years. We never were able to resume the friendship we’d had before. Now, 20 some years later, that is all behind me, and I’m more convinced than ever that leaving fundamentalism/Protestantism was the best thing I ever did for my faith life. I think it is inevitable that some people will “have a hard time” with your decisions. Hopefully you haven’t burned the bridge between you completely, and will be able to be friends again. But, if not, that’s just the way it goes. Think of the powerful witness to the Truth that you’ve given her, and others.


Hang in there! I am also a convert from the Pentecostal church and have been “shunned” by many of my old friends. I have since then made many new friends in my RCIA class. I pray The Lord will lead you to many new friends who will treat you with respect.:thumbsup:


You may not have done the right thing, but who does all the time. Pentacostals can be very agressive in their attempts at conversion. Once they are convinced that you will not return they will shun you anyway. They do not want to associate with people that are not of like mind. Move on.


I am from the Pentecostal-persuasion as well. I’m in RCIA. I haven’t advertised where I am spiritually, as I have ‘been there done that’ in that regard. I found that not everyone needs to know where I am every moment in my walk with God. My story is confusing, but let’s just say that I’ve been on a journey . . . at one point I decided that I’d write those most important to me a letter explaining where I was going and why. Needless to say it didn’t go over too well. Now . . . I’m just who I am. If I’m asked, I’ll tell them. But at this point, I don’t feel I have to shout it from the rooftops.




Welcome home!

I agree with the consensus here. It probably was out of the pentecostal playbook to make such a demand of her. That being said, we all fall short of being a mirror of Christ to others. If I were in your shoes, I’d apologize because its the right thing to do. If you can still be friends great!. If not, at least it won’t be because you didn’t try.

Good luck!


Matt 10:14
And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.


Since I too am a convert from the AoG I feel you ought to be given the benefit of the doubt on this one.

The feelings of people in the AoG towards the Catholic Church varies widely from one assembly to another, from one part of the country to another. Some have no problem seeing Catholics as Christians while others are convinced Catholics are automatically damned and in need of being “saved,” by them, of course.

It appears your ex-assembly falls into the latter category. I met many like them in the AoG over the years and they can be not only obstinate, but deeply insulting without a flicker of conscience because they believe the ends justify the means. As far as your fellow AoG member is concerned, you have chosen the devil as your Lord, and she no doubt made you feel it. I wasn’t there when your exchange took place, but if someone insults you in your own house you have the right to ask them to leave.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can no longer have any contact with this gal. I’d call her after a couple of days to explain that you feel badly that you had to order her out of your house, but you want her to know you consider her a Christian as much as yourself and that if she ever wants to discuss why you’ve become a Catholic, in a civilized manner, you would be willing to do that.

I know that kind of language sounds tough to Catholic ears, especially now days when we are taught that being “understanding” equals being loving. But when a person holds such a strong belief that Catholics are damned and damnable, sometimes it is best to stand up to them instead of trying to placate them. They will go on thinking they were right if you don’t plainly tell them otherwise by demanding that they give you the same courtesy as they would want if the tables were turned.


The feelings of people in the AoG towards the Catholic Church varies widely from one assembly to another, from one part of the country to another. Some have no problem seeing Catholics as Christians while others are convinced Catholics are automatically damned and in need of being “saved,” by them, of course

This explains a lot. The last church I was at was an AoG (before entering RCIA) and I always thought they were Evangelical anyway…must not be a very ‘normal’ AoG. My closest ties within the church still talk to me, but that might be because he’s my cousin (he’s a pastor there too). Come to think of it though, I’ve seen my old Youth Pastor a couple times, and he kind of ignores me.

I agree, maybe give her and you a couple days to cool off then call her and say if she’d like to discuss it with you then you’re more than happy to, but politely. If you still feel you didn’t do the right thing, apologize at the same time.


Hi Steph,

I was raised in the AOG church, and am a Catholic convert. All of my former Protestant friends turned their backs on me when I became a Catholic. But I now have lots of good Catholic friends. I love my Catholic faith, and have never looked back.

The best you can do now is pray for your former friends.



I wonder that as well. When I go back home (as Catholic) how my friends and family there will react.

I hope they will not be so uncharitable.


A little bit more history on this situation now that I’ve cooled down a bit…

I have known this girl for about 7 years. We were going to the same AoG for most of that time. At one time she was really into dream analysis and looking for a “word” from God all over the place.

She came over on Saturday with a book for me. Apparently the church that I left is doing a “bible study” on this book. It’s called “The Bait of Satan” by John Belvedere. She told me that I was not in the will of God because in order to leave a congregation, I had to have permission from the Pastor. She told me that God had told her that I was out of His will and that I needed to repent and go back to the AoG until the Pastor released me with his blessing…

I picked up the book a while back when someone else from that congregation gave me another copy. In the first chapter Belvedere claims that “this book is the word of God made flesh”. I said, HUH???:eek: :eek: JESUS is the Word made Flesh!!! Not some book written by a man who says that the only reason anyone leaves a church is because they have a “spirit of offense”.

She told me that I was an Idol worshipper because I have a painting of the Virgin Mary and Jesus in my home now.

I haven’t seen this girl for over a year and in that time she has not tried to contact me until now. ARGH.

Please pray for me that I do not get too upset over this whole thing. My entire family shunned me when I left Mormonism and now this. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus is worth it all. To be in His presence in the Eucharist is worth any relationship I lose, but I just wish it didn’t have to come to this.

in Christ


I will pray for you and this situation tonight before the Blessed Sacrament when I go for my hour of adoration. I think you did the right thing in rejecting the advice your friend was bringing.

Your description of your friend reminds me of folks I knew years ago in fundamentalism. There were always these otherwise nice people around. One might uncharitably call them “kooks” but I won’t go that far, LOL. I suppose they are in all religions. I’ve known very few in my Catholic travels.

These things will pass. Your witness to your AOG church will remain for long time. Others may come the same direction you’ve come.


If this is the case then you have done the right thing. Probably not in a harsh way though. And I don’t know if you were harsh or not. But it doesn’t sound like you were. So don’t worry.

[quote=tundramom]Please pray for me that I do not get too upset over this whole thing. My entire family shunned me when I left Mormonism and now this. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus is worth it all. To be in His presence in the Eucharist is worth any relationship I lose, but I just wish it didn’t have to come to this.

in Christ

I will certainly pray for you Steph. :gopray:

Don’t let this woman take your peace from you. She is after all, only human. God is God and since you believe in Jesus Christ and His Real Presence in the Eucharist, let Him give you peace and don’t let anyone take that peace from you.
If they do, take your peace back by letting your peace return to you and by shaking the dust from your feet.

13 If the house [size=]is worthy, let your
peace come upon it; if not, let your
peace return to you
14 Whoever will not receive you or
listen to your words–go outside that
house or town and shake the dust
from your feet

And don’t forget that you will bask in God’s Sonship with joy real soon! Do you go to Adoration at all? Be there and get a “Son tan” as you Adore Jesus Christ! And Jesus will give you Joy!
John 16:20
20 Amen, amen, I say to you, you
will weep and mourn, while the world
rejoices; you will grieve, [size=]but your
grief will become joy

Luke 24:36
36 Now whilst they were speaking these
things, Jesus stood in the midst of them,
and saith to them: [size=]Peace be to you;
it is I, fear not

Pax vobis. :gopray:


This is a case of the best defense being a good offense.

I would point this contradiction between AoG congregations out to her, and ask here how she, as AoG, can know which pastor’s interpretation to believe. (She’ll say hers, for course.)

Next I’ll ask if that means the other AoG pastor is leading his flock to hell, because he’s teaching them error and they believe it. Finally, I’ll press the point and ask her why I should believe ANY AoG preacher, since none of them can agree on such a basic and critical thing as being saved.

If the pastors can’t come to a consensus, how are the flocks supposed to know? (Oh, that’s right. They get a warm fuzzy from the Holy Spirit. Ever notice how many different “I’ve got the REAL truth” warm fuzzies are out there?)

No, thank you. I’ll find a church that it consistent from one side of town to the other.

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