Ex-President Saved by the Pope

CathNews Australia reported that former South Korean President Thomas More Kim Dae-jung was saved from execution because of a letter of clemency from Pope John Paul II.
The Pope sent the letter to then South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan on Dec. 11, 1980, pleading mercy for the Catholic Kim, who had been sentenced to death for inciting the pro-democracy Gwangju People’s Uprising on May 18, 1980, which was violently crushed by the military.
Chun replied to the Holy Father, acknowledging the Pope’s appeal was “based on humanitariun consideration and compassion.” Because of the Holy Father’s letter, the sentence was communed to life in prison and later reduced to 20 years. Kim won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.

I have the most love and respect for John Paul and all the worldly things he has done for humanity. He will become a Saint soon.:slight_smile:

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