Ex-Priest Coming to Town

Hi Friends,

I picked up the evening paper last night to find this ad:


Basically the add describes a former Jesuit priest who “after several years of contrasting Catholicism to Biblical truth” was “convicted by the Gospel message in 1986” and “saved by God’s marvelous grace.” He has founded an evangelical Catholic ministry (www.bereanbeacon.org) and will be coming to a church near my home town. You are encouraged to “bring family and friends to hear Biblical talks on Catholicism” April 22-24.

In a word, :eek: !

I desperately want to hear what this man has to say and DEFEND the faith, but am woesomely (is that a word?) unprepared to do so. I know there are a few of you out there who live in the Rome/Utica, NY area. Can to team up? Anyone else offer advice? I don’t want to launch at attack, but how can I let this pass by my doorstep?

I don’t think I really have the guts to take on an ex-priest and roomful of hostile Baptists, but I wish I did. Pray for this man (and me)!

How about getting about 15 ex-Baptists who became Catholic to speak at your Parish - run an ad that is exactly the same :slight_smile:

It is times like this I wish I had a direct line to Father Corapi;) I would like to see what the ex-Priest says to his refutes:eek: :rotfl:

Baptists are wonderful at judging everyone and everything, except themselves…

If you read this guy’s biography, you will find that he “saw the light” after receiving a traumatic head injury . . .

If you do not have strong apologetics skills, this is not the place to start. Make some phone calls and see if there isn’t some well qualified person who can ride shotgun on this guy. He really *is *full of baloney.

[quote=kage_ar]How about getting about 15 ex-Baptists who became Catholic to speak at your Parish - run an ad that is exactly the same :slight_smile:

Awesome Idea!!!

Someone at Catholic Answers has already taken this guy on:

Mission To Mission To Catholics

The photo at the bottom of Bennett’s website purports to show him as priest laying on hands to ordain someone. Funny, I thought only bishops could do that? :wink:

Thanks for the responses so far, everyone.

I was reading the ad again and check out this schedule:

Friday at 7PM, Saturday at 10, 11, and 12:30, Sunday Services at 8:30, 11, and 6PM, PLUS adult Sunday School at 10AM. Yikes!

I’m going to try to round up some people, but I’m not too optimistic. :hmmm:

The Catholic Church is full of ex protestant ministers.
Invite one of them to your church.

When I read the first couple of posts I was already thinking to myself “I bet 20 bucks this guy is going to bring up the ever-so-old accusations of Mary worshipping, calling no man ‘father’, infant baptism, etc…” Then I read the Mission to Mission to Catholic page another person linked to and guess what… I was right!! Even those among fundies who are supposed to be “experts” on Catholicism (read: ex-clergy) beat the same old horses to death.

I wonder why these kind of “Christians” find it NECESSARY to tear apart other faiths. Shouldn’t they be focusing on their own???

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