Ex-Rep. Reynolds denies pornography charges in Zimbabwe




For some reason I read that as ‘Ryan Reynolds’.


I read the article.

This congressman from Illinois had a history of child pornography. He was found guilty of relations with a 16 year old campaign worker but was still re-elected that same year. It looks like another case similar to Gary Studds from Massachusetts.

Now He pleaded guilty to something but the charges were dropped and it appears he is not allowed to come back to Zimbabwe. I wonder who he paid off, however, apparently it was not enough.

The allegations are yet another mark on the sullied reputation of the former Rhodes scholar and one-time rising star in the Democratic Party, who was tried and jailed in the U.S. almost 20 years ago for having sex with an underage campaign worker and soliciting child pornography.

Reynolds was recently involved in **a deal to construct a $145 million five-star Hilton Hotel **and office complex in Zimbabwe, the state-owned Herald newspaper reported.


Leaving aside the charges for a moment, who would be stupid enough to commit a crime like that in Zimbabwe, where the penalties IIRC are much stricter than in the United States?


So why no conviction?


Does anybody here on CAF remember when Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia? Do any CAF members remember when Ian Douglas Smith was in charge?


A $145M dollar hotel would have made much more sense in Rhodesia than Zimbabwe.


How? There was a bloody civil war in Rhodesia during the 1970s.


And before that war it was the “breadbasket of Africa”.

After that war it’s the failed state you see today.

Building a 145M dollar hotel in a country with receipts like this (the zeros are not typos) is ludicrous.

Those are very pricey Castle beers! :wink:


Yes I do, having grown up in what was then Rhodesia. Ian Douglas Smith, hated by the British while Mugabe was wined and dined, :confused:


Why do you think?

Just like here in the US…corruption…Why else do we not see any high level people being convicted or even investigated for child porn, or engaging in the child sex trade, even though they are the known leaders and organizers of such things. high level CEOs, upper level politicians, important people in the entertainment industry…all these kinds of people are never bothered with such charges or investigations, only the lower level people.


JackyB, can you tell me how it was like for you to live in Rhodesia back then? Have you been to South Africa as well?


It was a difficult period but any Rhodesian will tell you that there was no place on earth like it and I long for my home every day, however the outcome not unexpected in retrospect. I left South Africa 6 years ago after living there for 24 years. The reason I left was, as farmers, the likelihood of being murdered was at an all time high. Two of our neighbours, a grandmother living on her own and an elderly gentleman living on his own had both been murdered within the space of a year, we could not put our children at risk and decided to pack up and leave. Sounds simple but if you know any other Rhodesians or South Africans they can tell you how difficult that is. Had I a choice of where to live I would have loved to have gone to America or even Australia, the ‘New Worlds’ feel more like home to me. Now I’ve gotten all mushy, keep hold of your country, it is well worth fighting to keep the reasons why, at present, it is still the greatest country on earth.


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