Ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle is suing his victim's parents






That’s a new one, instead of blaming the victim, let’s blame the victim’s parents! :mad:


If this even gets to trial, I wonder if they’ll set a new record for quickest jury deliberation…


Even if everything he alleges is true, I fail to see how it affects him. It doesn’t mitigate his own culpability for what he did, and he wasn’t harmed by what he claims they did. The entire case should be tossed, as he has no way to show that he himself was damaged by this. He doesn’t have the authority to sue on the girl’s behalf.


Reading some other analysis, this isn’t a lawsuit, but a counterclaim against the lawsuit the girl is bringing against him. As I understand it, she is suing him for $150K, claiming mental harm due to his actions. His counterclaim is that he’s not culpable for all $150K, claiming that much of the damage was done before his actions by her parents.

it’s not a lawsuit directly, but a counterclaim.


Figured it was, but that was being left out in most of the media outrage. Still don’t see how he’ll have much of a case. He’s really just trying to deflect blame from himself despite the fact he’s a confirmed guilty pedophile who is in jail for the very thing he’s being sued for.


Sadly, this kind of claim is pretty common for rapists and pedophiles. Whatever they do is always someone else’s fault. A few years ago there was a case in Warsaw, Indiana where the defendant insisted, against his lawyer’s advice, to testify that the 10 year old girl he raped was responsible for wearing skimpy clothing. The jury decided to convict while walking to the jury room and never even had to sit down. The judge gave him the maximum sentence.:thumbsup:

Even with all that, there are times when the parents’ reaction can be more harmful than the criminal act itself. A child may feel that the people who were supposed to protect her let her down more than the stranger she will never see again.


Its kind of strange, Ive heard so many past victims of violence speak out about their crimes and all of them pretty much agree that money does not help in the healing process, some have even said they would not want to touch any money from their attacker, but then whenever there is a crime like this involving a well known fairly wealthy person, the victims always go for the money in the lawsuit?!

How is $150K or even 150 million, going to help victims?


It will help pay for counseling and easing other burdens on their lives so they can focus on recovery from the attack and its aftermath. Plus it has a punitive component as well, an extension of the punishment imposed on the guilty party for their destructive and illegal act.


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