Exactly when to give and take away an Archbishop's mitre and crosier during Mass?

An Archbishop is coming to Holy Thursday Mass at my parish. I’m altar serving and I am responsible for the training of the other altar servers. I want to know what the exact moments are to give and take away the Archbishop’s mitre and crosier. Thanks.

Usually an archbishop will bring along his own MC with him who pretty much takes over things. We have a bishop here at this very moment uptairs in the church for Confirmation and he brought his MC, a decon. who is directing the servers. You might want to call the Bishops office and inquire what is necessary regarding servers.

What Joan has said has been my notice. A (arch)bishopbrings his own MC who will handle all of these finer points. I think her suggesting of calling the diocese is a good on if you have questions/concerns :thumbsup:

God bless and what a great thing that he will be at the Holy Thrus. litergy

Thanks. Might be a problem to call the office. The Archbishop in question is the Apostolic Nuncio

Oh the certainly don’t worry about a thing. There will be someone there for sure to take care of his miter etc. He wont be coming alone.

Thanks. It’s just that I want this liturgy to be flawless

The MC will direct you in all that you need to do and know. :thumbsup:

I expect the Archbishop will have a small entourage to make sure that it is. Enjoy a choice opportunity. :slight_smile:

Yeah, from what I’ve heard it will be five priests, the Archbishop and the seven altar servers. The sanctuary is going to be packed

Ok! Here it goes! :D:D:D

*]Mitre, crosier, zucchetto on - when vesting
*]Mitre, crosier off - at the front steps, before bowing and genuflecting

When the Asperges is used:
*]*Mitre on - after the blessing of the water, before sprinkling anyone
*]Mitre off - after sprinkling everyone, before the asperges concluding prayer

*]Mitre on - after collect, for the readings
*]Mitre off - after the preparation of the thurible, or if no incence, at the alleluia/lenten gospel acclamation

When the bishop is not reading the gospel:
*]*Crosier on - after making the three crosses with his thumb during the response “Glory to you, O lord” *
*]Mitre on - After gospel for homily.

When the bishop is reading the gospel:
*]Crosier and Mitre on - After gospel for homily

*]Crosier and Mitre off - after the homily
*]Crosier and Mitre on - after prayers of the faithful (then, he will usually sit down)
*]Crosier and Mitre off - after receiving the gifts on the steps, but before going to the altar
*]Zucchetto off - After the prayer over the gifts, before preface dialog
*]Zucchetto on - after the blessed sacrament is back the tabernacle (usually, he will be at the chair at this time) (this one is a little flexible)

The last one will be easier to explain in a more “expanded” format. See below.
The prayer after communion is said/sung. The people respond:

Some brief announcements may be made at this time.

The Bishop recieves the mitre.

Bishop: The Lord be With You.
People: And Also With You.

Bishop: Blessed be the name of The Lord.
People: Now and forever.

Bishop: Our help is in the name of The Lord.
People: Who made heaven and earth.

The Bishop recieves the crosier.

Bishop: May almighty God bless you, the http://www.sanctamissa.org/en/graphics/rubric-cross.gif Father, and the http://www.sanctamissa.org/en/graphics/rubric-cross.gif Son, and the http://www.sanctamissa.org/en/graphics/rubric-cross.gif Holy Spirit.
People: Amen.

Deacon (Or Bishop, when lacking a deacon): The Mass is ended, go in peace.
People: Thanks be to God.

When he takes them off and hands them to you, take them. If that is your responsibility, just keep your eyes on him at all times.

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