Exactly who and what to pray for?

When i pray, i usually have one or two people in my mind whom i feel most drawn to pray for, but then i always remember my friends and family members both Catholic and not who are need of my prayers. This results in me trying to name as many people as possible so that i dont feel like i left someone out. My question is, is it better to try to pray for many and rattle off a litany of names to The Father or is it more powerful to pray with all your strength for just one or two whom you know, or at least think, need it most?

Thanks, God bless you.

G’day Brian
I find when I pray, I often just mention a few names of my family and closest friends, but I once read that we should be bold in our faith and ask God for the impossible and now I firstly mention my family and friends and then I ask God to pour his graces on the whole world both good and bad so that they too may see the greatness of his love for us. Sometimes I just say “Lord you know my heart please bless those people I hold close to my heart”. Hope this gives you some help. May God bless you geoff

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