Exaggeration by press/media?

I have noticed that in the last few months the press always mentions “the Church in crisis”. Yes, it’s faced various serious issues as the sex abuse scandals, the Vatileaks scandal, etc. Not to downlplay such problems, but is it correct to say that the “Church is in crisis”? Do you personally feel that the Church is in crisis? Has the media chosen these words on purpose in order to manipulate or influence a certain outcome in the Conclave?

I, for one, personally wouldn’t really say that the chuch is “in crisis”…like any other temporal institution, problems are and always have been, and always will be.

My opinion as well.

It’s such a subjective term to be almost irrelevant. I mean there’s a crisis of sinners the Church needs to draw towards her by reflecting grace, so that’s a crisis. Etc…etc… But the media often means it to convey that the Church has a bunch of “problems” that she needs to “fix.” And many of those media members have their “solutions,” meaning contraception, abortion, gay “marriage,” etc… They have a certain stone blindness to the many things Pope Benedict to remedy the abuse crisis, so that indicates a desire on their part to press forward with their “solutions.” So there may be some of them trying to depict their view of Church “problems” in order to curry favor for their “solutions.” And there are plenty of impostor Catholics to go around to support that cause, like Piers Morgan the other day.

Hey. Slow news day/week/month - exaggerate something!

Some of what appears is certainly hype and self-serving. There are some issues that are worthy of attention and more clarification, and sometimes the press focuses all of us on those. This is a service versus a slam.

The explanation of some of the views of the Church are couched in such stilted language as to appear much more uncaring/unloving than they really are IMHO. Among these are women’s issues, homosexuality, poverty, economic systems, etc. I think Pope Francis may be able to transform some of those areas without fundementally altering the dogmas of the Church. Call me hopeful!

I was reading an article on a major news site and I will not post it because I do not want to give them anymore exposer. The article was slighty positive but wanted to hammer home that Pope Francis is pro condoms and support the dictatorship of Argentina in the late 70s and early 80s. Kind of makes me wanna throw my laptop out the window lol.

I noticed that too. The media can never mention the Church without commenting on how it is struggling.:rolleyes:

Well, there is a term “drive by media” which is to say they come up, shoot with out any given evidence and then drive off hoping they inflicted damage. They have repeated “Church in crisis” like a mantra without any thought at all but say it because everyone else is which shows you what empty minded ding dongs they are and it also shows you the sad state of affairs current journalism is in. It’s not the “Church in crisis” but the “media in crisis” because the lights are on but nobody is home.

Perhaps, for some in the Media, it is wishful thinking. The Media in this country is the entity truely in crisis. It has become a mere mouthpiece of the progressive left.

The media exists to sell.
Sell print space, sell air time, sell an opinion.
Truth is no longer their goal; information, no longer their purpose.
Crises and scandal sell copies, sell airtime, good news doesn’t.
Cynical, aye.
I’ve been misquoted, quotes attributed to me I never made, my words have been twisted and spun, and I never ranked higher than town Marshal or fire chief.
When the media screams, “CRISIS!” I generally mutter “Yeah, sure,” or something of the kind, and move on to something worthy of my attention.
Like the comic strips.

The Church has existed for two milllennia in a state of crisis , which is a natural state considering its “frontline” position in the supernatural war between good and evil.

The human race is in a state of constant crisis and turmoil , so why should it be any different for the Church. The Roman Catholic Church provides mankind with the blueprint for salvation , but it never claims to have achieved that ultimate aim itself , rather it admits in its own Catechism that it must suffer along with the rest of humanity until the " Day of Glory.

It’s anti-adverising. They want people to be progressive secular humanists like they are. They do not want people to become Catholic, so they continually speak badly about the Church.

Absolutely it is. Let us not forget the millions of dollars lost due to the lawsuits from the victims of priests. The multiple leaks of the Vatican detailing corrupt actions is another reason. A third reason is the declining influence of the church in Europe and in places like the Americas. Even though there are a ton of catholics in south america the numbers have actually decreased and other christian religions have made huge gains. So yes its in a bit of crisis.

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