Exaggerator in Chief

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Lol when I was skimming through these new topics, I accidentally misread this thread’s title as “Exeggutor in Chief.”
(Or, if you prefer…)
Alright, back to the topic.


Just more spin…

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As usual, most of these claims are just false themselves, or nearly so.

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I like the palm tree version myself!


CNN seem to be a bit late in the game. Hasn’t the Washington Post count topped 10,000?

Actually the story is well-supported. Can you point a few specific one that you think are false?

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Please cite a source then.

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Probably, most being ideological differences. If they disagree, which is almost always, WaPo counts it a “lie”.


“Some” of us are under the conclusion that facts and lies are alternative: They are determined by what side of the political divide you stand on.

One reason there won’t (can’t) be a call to arms (reach across the aisle) and actually get something done is because they first and foremost cannot agree on a set of facts.

Since truth appears relative in todays day and age, the best thing to do regarding politics is vote on POLICIES. just a thought.

For the documentation in the story???
The story itself does that.

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According to one of the examples that was given, Mr. Trump said about his Orlando rally, "Outside there were – I mean, literally tens of thousands of people couldn’t get in.”

But according to the Orlando Sentinel:

But about an hour before the president’s speech, the long lines around the Amway [Center] were gone and people could easily walk into the event right up to the start of the rally…

So, are you saying that there really were “tens of thousands” who couldn’t get into the rally and that the Orlando Sentinel is lying?

Am I supposed to care at this point?
Talk about beating a dead horse.

You’re late to the party.

Having more agreeable policies would likely be more effective.

The problem is that the press doesn’t seem to know (or care about) the difference between a fact and an opinion.

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I was so hoping this is not about Trump! :sob:

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I would never accuse any mainstream media source of telling the truth. Wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.

And it would be just as phony and political as Obama winning the Nobel Prize.


Or the broken record of about President Obama, worst yet, Clinton. on and on and on and on…

IF I’m on a news channel still complaining about the prior President with adverse comments to boot…time to change the channel, right?


I haven’t seen that to be the case. It’s a fact that there weren’t “tens of thousands” of people unable to get into Trump’s rally in Orlando as the Orlando Sentinel reported despite what Trump said. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

I agree…………!~

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