Examination of conscience for venial sins

I often go to confession on Saturdays (lately every week). I try to do an examination of conscience frequently (though I forget to do it every day). I haven’t committed a mortal sin in a long time, and sometimes I will only think of a few sins in a week, but I’m sure I must be sinning much more often and not realizing it. Or I have sinful tendencies, like I want approval, I’m lazy, or I have an emotional attachment to food, but I can’t think of specific instances that I’ve committed those sins-- either because I haven’t committed them, or maybe I don’t realize it.

So is there a way I can be more aware of my sins or is there an examination for venial sins? Or how do you do an examination of conscience?

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A comprehensive examination of conscience based on twelve virtues By REV. DONALD F. MILLER, C.SS.R. Imprimatur: Joseph E. Ritter St. Louis, April 7, 1959 - quite detailed as under each of the 12 virtues it lists mortal sins and then venial sins.

Examination of Conscience by Fr. Robert Altier (first link) is also a good one as it too lists venial sins and imperfections after listing mortal sins.


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