Examination of Conscience: Laudate App


Is anyone familiar with the examination of conscience from the Laudate app for various devices? I use it fairly regularly, but I’ve been wondering lately if some of the phrases in there are inserted not as sins but as general exhortations that were dear to the heart of the designer of the application. Particularly where it comes to questions like “Do I use my talents for the Glory of God” or something to that effect.


I’ve used it and have wondered the same myself. I have wondered whether some of these are sins, I would think they’re certainly not mortal sins anyway. Anyway, I just try to do it on my own. Typically you can catch yourself after you commit a sin and then it’s just a matter of remembering that you did it.


for Confession, I prefer the “MeaCulpa Pro” app. I only use the Laudate App for prayers and reading.


I would strongly suggest to anyone who is familiar with the internet that they enter “examination of conscience” into any search engine, and then select at least 2 of the guides that appear in order to examine their own consciences prior to Confession. Two of the best of these sites are run by EWTN, the Catholic TV network and the Council of Bishops.
I suggest that you write down your sins on a piece of paper and take it into the Confessional with you. In that way you will be able to accurately confess both the kind and number of sins you committed. And, you will not forget anything. This, especially will help those of you who are in the slightest scrupulous.


I love the Laudate app, and use the Exam of Conscience. However, there are some things I wish were worded better, and the opportunity to add additional comments. I believe that all the things listed are sins, albeit not all mortal ones of course, and I don’t think they are implied as such. I like how it has the Act of Contrition as well.


I remember always being lazy because every church I went to had the Act of Contrition on the wall in the confessional. So I would just read it since it was there and I never memorized it. One time I went to a different church and there was no Act of Contrition. It was quite embarrassing. I remember trying to pull my phone out and saying “wait a minute I don’t know it off the top of my head.” The priest wasn’t the nicest of guys either, but he eventually just skipped to the absolution. It was definitely an experience that made me sit down and learn it. Now I know it by heart :D.


Try out MeaCulpa Pro

It’s free and great


When I didn’t know it after returning to the Church, the Priest said it for me and asked to listen intently.


Same here. Laudate is excellent for prayers, but Mea Culpa is the best examination of conscience app I’ve used (it could use an update for some of the spelling errors, though).


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