Examination of Conscience

Does anyone out there know of a really good, thorough, and rigorous examination of conscience?

Yes, its called a Retreat ;):thumbsup:

*Hi “smad0142,”

The most complete Examination of Conscience that I have even seen is several pages long and the priest who wrote it is an amazing priest! He is the visitor for the Lay Community that I am a part of. It is under copyright, but I will give you the url so you can go to it and check it out:



Thank you so much that is a great examination!!

Have had some “bad” experiences on retreats–there are many different kinds of retreats, with sometimes questionable themes and spiritual direction. This Examination of Conscience from desertsister62 is very good, the details are so necessary for preparation for confession–humility is key!

Does anyone have any info on a nightly examen? I think it would help prepare for confession, as well as the long-term growth in spiritual life over months and years. Have never tried it, just know about it. Is there a formula? What does one do to make the examen spiritually engaging and productive?

Here is a link to the Examen as developed by St. Ignatius in his “Spiritual Exercises”.


I have found that this has really helped to enhance my prayer life since I made it part of my nightly prayer routine.

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