Examination of Conscience

Reflecting on my last Confession, I don’t feel that I made a good examination of conscience prior to Confession. I just confessed the serious sins that “stuck out” in my mind. I wasn’t actually intending to withhold any mortal sins; I think it was more out of laziness that I didn’t make the effort. However I realized afterwards that I didn’t take a good enough look at my life to see other areas in which I may have gone wrong.

The day after my Confession, I remembered some sins that I committed years ago that may have been serious, and I would have confessed them had I thought of them. Have these sins been forgiven also, even though I should have made a better effort at remembering all of my serious sins before Confession?

Prior to your next Confession, make a diligent examination of conscience, and confess those past sins. Then you won’t need to worry about anything that happened prior to that confession.

Provided you didn’t deliberately hide any sins you remembered, any prior sins were also forgiven when you were absolved, however you do need to confess any prior mortals sins (that have not yet been confessed) at your next confession.

Take the time to do a good examination of conscience. It’s illuminating. I keep track of my sins as the Spirit convicts me (I keep a note in my phone where I write them down) and yet I always think of others when doing an examination of conscience. There are many good ones online and even apps for phones such as iConfess and Laudate.

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