Example of JW hatred of Catholicism: Audio from 2014 Convention

The following link is from their famous 3 day convention that all JWs attend yearly. It is titled: “A Century of Kingdom Rule Contrasted With a Century of Satan’s Rule.” It is full of hatred and lies. They use manipulative speech to instill a false sense of pride in their “knowledge” and the evil of “false religion.” This is a very clear message that “Yes JWs are the only true religion and all other religions are led by the Devil.” I literally felt sick after hearing this talk.


I thank God my religion doesn’t teach hatred of anyone!

Sorry, I linked the wrong talk. Both have similar speech, but this is the one more targeting the Church:


It is titled “How Babylon the Great Has Shut Up the Kingdom.”

I don’t think that JWs hate Catholics. They don’t agree with the Roman Catholic religion, that much is true.

I think you should listen to the talk if you think that JWs don’t hate Catholics. Granted the hatred is directed more at the bishops and priests. He begins his talk by saying Jesus hated the religious leaders in his day and uses this to teach jws to hate today’s false teachers, namely Catholic priests.

Most of my family is JW and it’s not simply RCs they aren’t fond of, it’s all christians. The RCs just happen to be the biggest group.

From the recording “Did you know the title Cardinal isn’t even in the Bible?”

From my brain “Did you know the title of Circuit Overseer isn’t even in the Bible?”

Is it true that Roman Catholics have materials such as leaflets or short books, which outline some of the problems that they see with JW and that they are not very sympathetic?

I have quite a bit of experience with JW’s. They most definitely hate the Catholic Church.

Now that’s funny. The word “Jehovah” is not in the Bible.

Yes, there is information that refutes the Jehovah’s Witness teachings. Some of which is right here at Catholic Answers. I’m a little biased, but I think it’s very objective, pointing out what the JW’s believe and how it differs from Catholic teaching. I’m sure, though, that there are some materials out there that, even by Catholics, that are not very sympathetic. Personally, I would rather the CA version.

Is there a reason for this question?

There is a big difference. This talk is in the middle of their “Convention.” It is also a scripted talk given by their leaders in New York to be given nation wide. It also never goes beyond the surface of your wrong and led by the Devil and we are right and led by Jehovah. It also is full of lies (Our Church is responsible for the 6 million Jews that died in concentration camps) and is twisted to make it look like we belong to the mindset of approving of homosexuality and pedophiles.

Our Bishops would never find it appropriate to use such hatred and misinformation in the middle of Mass. We provide information to help people from falling into this cult, but it is not the message we emphasize. Their whole religion is based on attacking the norms of Christianity.

That was such a childish point he made. I like how he credits all of man’s death to false religion.

The sad thing is that there are many people of different faiths who feel that way about any outside their respective group. Catholics included. I’ve experienced it first hand from my own family and as an SDA I’ve seen our own do the same. That’s why I am here. An individual needs to learn about Catholicism from Catholics. I’ve been reading Catholicism for Dummies and the Catechism. I’m not going to become a Catholic because of what someone else says. If I can square it with Scripture then I’m game.

The fallacy here is to implicitly equate a talk at a convention with a talk at Holy Mass.

I do not think there is any fallacy in doing so. Please explain what would be a better comparison. Are you familiar with JWs at all? I was a JW pretty much my whole life, the conventions with the actual words of Governing Body members is the highest source of doctrinal information given. The homily at mass is the highest source of doctrine given for Catholics.

I cannot imagine how a Catholic perspective on Jehovah’s Witnesses could be “sympathetic”.

Agreed. Pretty sure WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars were not fought because of religous reasons.

I wonder to what they would credit the reason for the wars God sanctioned in the Old Testament…

Right. So Catholics are disturbed when a JW lashes out against the Roman Catholic Church, but at the same time Roman Catholics teach that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church and that the JW group teaches heresy.

You do not seem to have your data gathered on either JWs or Catholics and seem bitter to the Church. As Christians we are concerned with people spreading lies and hatred about the Church under the guise of “True Christianity.” A lot of us Catholics have family members that have bought into their beliefs and therefore it is a real problem. You seem to be in their mindset that us Catholics are indeed evil, please do some more research. We do not go around calling people false Christians based on their religion, but know that we are all in danger of being false Christians if we pretend to be Christians while living another life. We see the Christianity in other splinter groups and also see the non Christianity in groups like the JWs who deny the divinity of Christ.

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