Examples of Catholic Thanksgiving


Hi everyone,

What do Catholics do to show God their gratitude? What are some Catholic focused prayers of Thanksgiving (not Thanksgiving the holiday, just in general).

While prayers are of course great, I feel like I want to do something more tangible, but I’m not sure what Catholics would do in this case.

Any suggestions?




Hello, You got no answers!!!
Just do a search for catholic thanksgiving prayers on google etc and choose the ones you like.
It’s good to pray a prayer before holy communion and a thanksgiving prayer after hioly communion especially as in this most august sacrament God shows us his immense love for us by giving his whole self to us to be our food and be united with us. This is the greatest act of love God can do for us.
You can try St Gemmas prayers before and after communion at santagemmaprayers.com/ And keep up those holy desires. God bless you:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Hi John,

Yes, I was beginning to wonder how thankful Catholics are since I didn’t get any responses :stuck_out_tongue: And thanks for the prayer ideas - I’ve been going to adoration a lot lately too so some of those prayers will be very useful! I’m glad you showed me that website; I’ve never heard of St. Gemma before so I’ll pray to her and maybe she will befriend me :slight_smile:

Other than prayer, what are some more, well, substantial ways to show thanks? I gave an extra offering and gave some money to a homeless man on the way to church one day. But giving money for thanksgiving seems almost as though I’m paying for services rendered, and I don’t want it to seem that way.

Thinking about it now though, there isn’t anything I can give to God that he doesn’t already have except myself, so maybe that’s “all” he would want for a thanksgiving present.



Nothing wrong with prayer! Mary received the greatest gift ever given to mankind - she prayed (the Magnificat, ‘my soul magnifies the Lord’, which is a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving).

Of course she also did good for others - went and visited and helped Elizabeth, which is another great way of showing thanks. Perhaps you should volunteer time and/or talent in some way, if you feel like giving money isn’t enough.


You are doing some good things there. Keep it up. The best way we can show our thanks to God is by doing his will. If you love me keep my commandments. Jesus said. We show God our thanks and gratitude by doing his will. What he really wants is our love- this is the thanks he wants. He just wants our love. You can pray to honour God, our Lady etc too and have masses offered for thanksgiving. Hope this helps. God bless:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


The best way to give God thanks as I have found, is to frequently throughout the day, say “Thank You Lord”. Often with it I also say “I love you Lord”.

It’s not the easiest thing to do when you are not having a good day, but quite often I say it anyway and it always takes the edge off of whatever’s going on… even if just a little.

If you reflect on it, you really do learn a lot after some of your worst days. Those lessons were brough to you by … God! :thumbsup:

The most horrific event that ever happened to me actually brought me back to the Jesus and the Father. I am so grateful that I had to go through that. If I hadn’t, I might still be agnostic - or whatever you would call thinking there was God of some sort but not knowing or caring too much either way.

Thank you Jesus, I love you!:hug3:


In the Garden of Eden the need for thankfulness, for gratitude, is clearly highlighted. Despite all the gifts and privileges that humankind was given, instead of gratitude for all these, humankind reflected ingratitude in craving only that thing that God had withheld.

Creator, Redeemer and Indwelling God, the true sin of humanity is of ingratitude towards You. Figuratively, our first parents, instead of appreciating all gifts You bestowed, craved the one gift denied to their possession. They sacrificed their many other precious gifts to the desire to obtain it. We, who easily fall into the same ingratitude, ask grace and endeavour to be grateful for each blessing You offer.

We thank You for everything in our lives whether happy or sad, comfortable or unpleasant, because You can bring blessing out of anything. You can draw goodness out of both our successes and our failures.

We thank You for our losses, which can teach us appreciation for what remains to us.

Thank You for everything that makes us anxious or uneasy, because we can learn patience and trustfulness if we continue to thank You for every circumstance.

Thank You for every person who contributes to our progress and maturity by their goodwill, interactions or advice and even through their or our vulnerability or weakness. Bless our relationships with mutual growth in joy, in routine and in difficulty.

Thank You for all that is good and wholesome in our lives. Thank You for our possessions, for our talents and achievements. We determine, with Your grace, to steward them well, never allowing them to distract us from love of You and other people.

It is difficult to appreciate difficulties that seem disastrous and cause great sorrow, but we seek to be thankful for everything given to our loved ones and ourselves. Therefore, with Your grace we determine to be joyful and thankful in every situation and circumstance, trusting that You will work all things to good.

We thank You for entering our lives with Christ’s teaching and redemption, sharing divine love with us and leading us into eternal life. Thank You for everything, our God. October 2006- July 2007


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