Examples of sinful laughter?


What are some examples of things that would be sinful and/or innapropriate to laugh at? Things like people getting hurt on tv or people making suggestive jokes?


‘Decorum requires that you have a great horror for anything even remotely suggesting impurity. Far from allowing yourself to laugh and to make jokes about it, you must show that you do not find anything about the topic in any way amusing. Those who laugh about such things give proof that they live more according to the flesh than according to the spirit and that their hearts are thoroughly corrupt.’

St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle


Schadenfreude would be one such example.


Schadenfreude is the malicious enjoyment of others misfortune.

However, some misfortunes are funny, and can be laughed at, along with the person who had the misfortune happen to them.


My heart is too full of compassion to laugh at any misfortune. I am too busy looking to give solace and aid. I am of course a living saint. :smiley:


A derisive laugh is the moral equivalent of spitting in someone’s face.


Can only agree. Far better to search for ways to help, showing compassion and empathy. If we are not open to others’ suffering how can we be open to the Lord’s?


Maybe a specific example:

Your friend says, “Watch this. I’m gonna jump over that fence.”
He runs, picking up speed, he gets close to fence, and jumps. He catches his shoelace on top of the fence and is now upsidedown, laughing hysterically at himself.

I would laugh too.


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