Is it sinful to get female exams?

Where, on earth, did you ever get an idea that female medical examinations may be wrong? Such an idea, is not only absurd, it is dangerous.
To put in simple terms, female plumbing is far more complex than anything that exists in a male body. Because of this, there are far more things that can go wrong with a woman’s internal organs. This is why there are special doctors who specialize in women’s internal problems. They are call Gynocologists.
Starting with puberty, women need to have regular exams by a Gynocologist if they expect to enjoy an overall healthy life.
Before the advent of modern medicine in the early 20th Century, A woman in the US or Europe could only expect a life span of about 40-45 years. Today, because of modern medicine, women have a longer lifespan than men, and, barring war and natural disasters, can expect living well into their 80’s.
How could any religion find anything immoral with that?

Would like to ask you this,

What made you ask such a Question ?
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