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Everyone here should read this!.:smiley:

A very good article. Thanks for passing it on.

It will turn out that those now wishing a vernacular Mass may actually live to regret it. Spanish dancing altar girls anyone?

Just kidding. :slight_smile:

So, white Catholics will become Orthodox because we are racist?


Why post this article? What’s the point? It seems to me that Orthodox have a lot less respect for Catholics than we do for them. We aknowledge their sacraments, and priesthood, and in return they insult us and our beliefs (transubstantiation, the papacy, original sin). :frowning:


Here’s what I got from this article:

The Orthodox church is racist and like a secret club, while the Roman Catholic Church is not and therefore is much more Christlike in its nature.

This article seriously makes the Orthodox Church sound like its all about racial supremacy, as obviously the author of the article is.

If I were Orthodox I’d be upset and ashamed of this article.

Thanks for the link.

More often it seems religion is becoming a viewpoint people select than teachings to adhere to. Just keep looking until you find one that fits.

I’ve never been to an Orthodox church but I hope they reconciliate with Rome before I die. I hear they have some excellent traditions that would make all Catholics blush.

Last I heard, they were watching the goings on with Rome in treating its own traditionalists, namely the SSPX. Seems like reconciliation with the SSPX will be, among other things, a very important step in reconciliation with the Orthodox. Don’t forget, they were important observers at Vatican II.

Now if only we can get around that “filioque.”

Note that we already have access to these traditions in the 22 sui juis Catholic Churches which use the Eastern Rites. These deserve much more attention from Western Catholics.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Catholic Church already realizes that while the Orthodox are barricading the door, they don’t realize that the door swings both ways.

When reunification happens, it will happen because the Church worked from the bottom up. I cannot imagine Orthodox leadership beating down OUR door.

Many Catholic publications carry favorable articles about Orthodoxy. We are being trained to view Orthodoxy favorably and kill 'em with kindness.

It’ll work too. But not in my lifetime.

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