Excellent!: Fr. Barron comments on Anti-Catholic Prejudice


** Fr. Barron comments on Anti-Catholic Prejudice **
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Oh…those glasses…no. :cool:

The second one was not anti-Catholic, but it was a political belief. Irrational as it is, it’s not anti-Catholic. It is a belief that Catholics do not hold, as well as Evangelical Christianity, but I think Catholics (and other Christians) should rise above using the victim card.

If the majority disagrees, well that’s freedom. Muslims claim “islamophobia” whenever their beliefs are criticized in the West; let’s not jump on that wagon.

I disagree. Fr. Barron points out that these are dangerous statements, not only for Catholics but for anyone who holds to morality that does not agree with them.

Cuomo, coming from some semblance of Catholicism certainly knows that his remarks put him in an aggressive position to faithful Catholics as well as faithful n-C Christians.

This is not about any sort of “victim card” but a simple and wise assessment of political and media attacks on the faith and morals of Catholics.

I agree with everything you stated here, and it’s all true except for the “Fr. Barron” part. Your reply is completely rational and in line with what is happening to Christianity, however claiming that these people are “anti-Catholic” for their Liberal beliefs is unfair.

If I believe that Homosexuals should be allowed to Marry (I don’t) it doesn’t make me anti-Catholic, rather I have a political belief contrary to Catholicism and pretty much all major Christian denominations.

Any political criticism of Catholic beliefs should not immediately label one as anti Catholic. I think if he said what you said in reply to me then he would be perfectly reasonable; instead he’s exaggerating for reasons I can’t understand.

Agreed Donald! I have never felt remotely persecuted or attacked for being Catholic or my Catholic beliefs … I can’t wait for the day when the victim card is retired and all of the war analogies are put to rest…

He didn’t say he was anti-Catholic for believing in homosexual marriage, he said he was anti-Catholic for saying people that believe homosexuals should not marry are not welcome in his state.

It is easy to say this if you have not been attacked for being a Catholic. In my youth we could not put our catholic school on our resume as we would severely lessen the chance of employment. The police force was impossible to join if they found you were a catholic. In my last employment my boss once told a group of us that he would not have employed me if he had known I was catholic. Many of my medical friends cannot get an internship in a public hospital as they will not do abortions. You are indeed a lucky man in one way, but you have missed the joy of standing up for our Christ in even one small way. Victims no; hard men for Christ, yes.

That would mean he has a radical political belief that the majority would reject anyways. His belief is not even close to what you believe but why label it as “Catholic”? Lots of people agree with Catholics on the issue of gay marriage.

This is what I would describe as anti Catholicism.

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