Excellent Site About Contraception!


Hey everyone! I found an excellent site about contraception! It has quite a bit of information about contraception and is a Catholic site. It only supports natural family planning and even has a directory of physicians, teachers, and centers that are NFP only. It also has a catologue where there are about 5 items that are totally free! No shipping charge, no taxes, nothing! They do ask that you enter your credit card number but it doesn’t charge you for it. I ordered 3 or 4 items. One of the items that they have available is in Spanish for those of you who speak Spanish as your primary language or who know someone that does. They also have a ton of other stuff and much of it is under $.50! This would be an excellent place to buy pamphlets in bulk and distribute them at your local Planned Parenthood clinic! :thumbsup:



thanks - wonderful site …
Love your quote too - good to be reminded often :slight_smile:


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