Excellent video on the Trinity in the OT

I thought you would enjoy this; it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a compelling video on the Trinity in the OT, using Hebrew and logic. Enjoy!


That guy, InspiringPhilosophy, is truly great. He’s one of the resources that helped me realize that Christianity is not a “Bronze Age superstition” like atheists claim.

It’s a pretty cool video, it reminds me of some of the chapters within St. Justin Martyr’s Dialog with Trypho, which goes through some of the same passages to illustrate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. There is a significant philosophical defect in his presentation, though, which also shows up in Justin Martyr, which is that he confuses the terms “being” and “person.” He says several times that Jesus is a distinct divine “being” from God the Father, but he means that Jesus is a distinct divine “person.” The context makes his meaning more clear, as it does with Justin Martyr, but he could still improve the video by updating his language in that area.

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