Excessive flagging

Recently, I was flagged by someone because I said that the Confederates were traitors to the Union. And that statutes or plaques commemorating those who served the rebellious states in the Civic War should be removed. I do not believe in honoring traitors to this country.
God bless the United States of America! :us: :pray: :us: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was under the impression that flagging is supposed to be used for posts that violate CAF rules. But it appears that some posts are flagged just because someone disagrees. To quote Yul Brynner, “Is a puzzlement!”


I did not flag the original post - I didn’t even see it.
However, I note the CAF TOS in the FAQ contains the following rule:

Messages posted to this board must be polite and free of personal attacks, threats, and incendiary, divisive, crude or sexually-explicit language.

Calling Confederates “Traitors to their Country” on a board with lots of US people, many of whom are from the American South, is highly likely to violate this rule, as being “divisive”.
I note that despite living technically below the Mason-Dixon line in MD for about 30 years, I am an “Ohio Yankee from Western Reserve” and neither of my parents were from the South either, so I am not basing this on any sort of emotional attachment to the South. Just common sense.

Furthermore, I note that the TOS in the FAQ also says,

Judgments by the Moderators can be discussed with the Moderators via private messaging but not on the board itself.

Therefore, starting a thread in Site Feedback to complain about a moderator action due to a flag, which I presume occurred because otherwise the OP would not have any reason to complain about a flag and probably wouldn’t even know his post was flagged, is a violation of the TOS in and of itself.

OP, if you have a problem with what the moderators did with your post, kindly PM the moderators to discuss.


T_B, I was not trying to be divisive. The thread had to do with removing flags and other Confederate stuff from military bases. I said I agreed because the Confederacy was against the United States. Seems ridiculous to have anything about the Confederacy there.
I grew up in Texas. Lots of statues and stuff having to do with the Confederacy, but not as much as places in the Deep South. Texas was a Republic before it was in the United States or part of the Confederacy.

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Sam Houston, the George Washington of Texas, was against Texas leaving the Union, but he was nearly run out of the state by the Texas Confederates.

The moderator has suspended users who abuse the flagging system.

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Amen to that!

Objectively, one must say that the Confederates were traitors to their county. A rebellion implies nothing less. Being a traitor can be a good or bad thing, depending on what one’s country is doing.
There is no reason the post should have been flagged. The restriction against posting things divisive on the forum rules has to be interpreted very narrowly, or else we would have little discussion at all.


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