I already posted this in prayers...but I just wanted to let all my friends here know...I have an interview on Thursday morning for a full time position here! I am so excited...:extrahappy::bounce: this will really help me be able to settle more here!! :gopray2:


I'm excited for you! I'll be praying for you (I'm looking for a job as well). :) You will have to let us all know how it went!


Pittsburgh, the quintessential lucky charm. :D Good for you, I'm excited for you also...and will be praying for you! :)


Good luck! Knock it out it of the park!



I am also in the unemployed boat. I hope you get the job!


I wanted especially you to know! If you guys come back…come visit me! :slight_smile:




Congratulations! And hope you get the position. :slight_smile: In my prayers. :wink:


Good luck


So the interview was moved to Tuesday...because three different managers want to interview me! :eek:
Now I am nervous, very nervous! :coolinoff:


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