Not to long ago I started RCIA. When I brought it up to my husband I was really worried about how he would react. I have hidden my desire to be Catholic my whole life even as a very young child I wanted to be a part of the Catholic church. I honestly never grew up in any church my mom would take me if I asked but I could never find quite figure out how to explain to her how I felt pulled to the Catholic church since she grew up Southern Baptist and after going to a Christian college became soured on church. Looking back I know she would have supported me and taken me but I didn’t want to let her down I guess. Anyways when I had this talk with my Husband about how I really wanted this he supported my choice and made it clear he was going to stay a Southern Baptist. I even talk to his mother who fears I am going to brain wash her son in to becoming Catholic with me and that my converting will rip our marriage apart. I tried my best to assure her that to me faith is a personal journey well I might love my husband to convert I would never push it because it has taken me 29 all most 30 years to fallow my heart. I only really want his support in this choice and for him to have a open mind to what I am learning so he can understand my journey. Well he accompanied me the first time I went to the Catholic church it was actually very emotional for me I fought back crying as we sat though mass. He even went to RCIA after mass with me. He admitted there he was only there to support me and he was going to stay Southern Baptist. Well later that week he was talking to his mother and told her he was thinking about converting. Of course his mom jumped on the hole idea of how I must be making him and the church is brain washing him. I didn’t even know he was debating the idea he never told me I was actually shocked when he told his mom that. The next time we went to church he had admitted it to them he was now thinking about converting. His mom kept up though insisting I was forcing the idea on him. I am so happy though the next time we saw her he sat down with her and they had a long talk on him thinking about converting. He informed her though he loves the Sothern Baptist church he never felt as touched by God as he did when he went to the Catholic Church. He felt like God was there with him that he isn’t thinking about converting because anyone else wants him to but he is thinking about it because of how the Catholic Church makes him feel. Well I think he has made up his mind to convert but has yet to say it out loud because we were talking about religion and our kids he informed me that our kids will be raised in the Catholic Church where before he had told me he didn’t want them to be Catholic… I am just so excited and feeling blessed. It might have taken me 30 years but I am finally fallowing my heart. I have a husband who supports this choice and has fully changed his mind about the church and is thinking about joining me on this journey. I am so excited to be able to give my kids something I didn’t have growing up and truly wish I had. God has truly blessed me on so many levels. I am sorry for this long note but none of my friends understand how amazing this all feels and I couldn’t hold it in anymore .

this is so amazing! :slight_smile: ive seen a lot of people here diss marriages of people with different faiths, but honestly, i think even if your husband changes his mind about converting, he just might later!

my mom used to be a different religion but she converted when she married my dad, and shes one of the most grounded people in the faith i know. i think having the different religion before really opened her perspective to catholicism and its refreshing compared to my dad, who is almost excessively strict. they both follow all the orthodox rules and stuff, i just like the way my mom treats it better!

a family friend of ours also just converted to catholicism after being married for i want to say at least 15 years, so it is possible!

i know it seems your husband is pretty intent on converting, i just wanted to throw that out there just in case!

congratulations on this :smiley:

I don’t care if he does or doesn’t convert as long as he is willing to support my choice to become Catholic. I will admit it would be amazing if he did but I am just so happy he makes the choice to join me in church and RCIA meetings. He knows that I would never ever force anything on him because I love and respect him. I am just over the moon though that he loves me enough to go with me and is fully supporting my choice every way he can despite his parents telling him how the Catholic church is bad and all this other stuff I rather not repeat because its so just so far out there. It just feels great that I have someone who supports my choice to convert and is standing up for me when his family starts in on there Catholic bashing.


So glad you are following your heart after such a long journey.
I am sorry that the family “bashes” you; it sounds like they may not respect who you are as a person, even when religion doesn’t come up. Prayers that you will have courage, love and peace.

Wow good for you and your husband. It’s kind of amazing that despite not persuading him he still is debating switching over.


I’m excited for you.

Thank you for sharing with us!

It really is amazing he is thinking about it. I think it helps that I am all ways letting him have a choice to join me when I go to Mass and RCIA. I think it has greatly helped that when he does ask things like why do they do this or what ever he has been told by his family. I take the time to research things and than I ask the people who run RCIA if I am understanding what ever it is I have researched for him right. He enjoys I never attack his views or his parents views or belittle him for asking questions that I am willing to discuss things and find answers. He has actually helped me learn things I never thought to question for my self and I think has helped both of us grow as a couple. I truly think he likes the fact unlike his parents I am not forcing my views on him but I explain my views and we talk about his views compared to mine. I think by having open talks when ever he wants in such a none threating way it has allowed him become more open to changing his mind because he sees I respect him and love him for him even if we don’t see eye to eye. That I am not going to be like I think this and you need to as well.

I loved reading your story. I never get tired of hearing convert stories. It’s a funny thing when God calls us how our lives begin to change. Me being a Catholic revert I cannot thank God enough for showing me the truth. Keep learning about the faith and praying for others. You will be amazed at what is yet to come for you and your family. This site is a great place to seek out answers. Goodluck to you and may God Bless you and g our family on this new journey:thumbsup:

Welcome!!! I’m so happy for you and your family. You will all be in my prayers

Thank you. Yes, after 30 years or longer, God always wants you.

God bless,

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