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According to Canon 917, we can receive Holy Eucharist twice a day! (as long as 2nd time is during Mass, unless in danger of immediate death at which time we can receive Him a 2nd time outside of Mass)

It makes sense that we are able to nourish ourselves with the necessary Spiritual Food a couple of times a day since we nourish ourselves with physical food a couple of times a day. We certainly are in more need of Spiritual Food than physical food especially since the effects of the Spiritual Nourishment will last for all eternity and the physical food simply for this life time.

I resolve to attempt to receive Our Savior twice a day for continued spiritual growth and spiritual roots which can weather any storm. I encourage everyone here to join me in this effort.


Yes we can receive him twice in one day. The second time must be within a Mass I understand correctly. We can receive 3x in very rare circumstances. This has been brought up before. But in order to receive 2x a day one must be a Mass


I do not believe the purpose the the canon was so that people can receive twice a day but to allow those who find themselves in situations where they might receive a second time to do so. For example going to Mass on Saturday morning and a Wedding at 2 PM. Or receiving as a caretaker during a sick call and then going to mass later in the day.


This changed in 1983. A person may receive communion twice in one day.

One of the significant changes for the faithful in the Code of Canon Law which was promulgated in 1983 was the permission to receive Holy Communion more than once per day. In the past the law set certain conditions, such as participation in a funeral, marriage or ordination Mass. The new canon, however, simply states, .917 A person who has received the Most Holy Eucharist may receive it again (iterum) on the same day only during the celebration of the Eucharist in which the person participates, with due regard for the prescription of can. 921, part 2.

What it is saying is that if one attends a Mass after receiving Holy Communion previously that day, one may receive it again. If it is not a Mass, but a Communion Service for example, one may not receive again. ewtn.com/expert/answers/communion_times.htm



Receiving twice in one day is supposed to be exceptional, too.


That’s my understanding too.


I get your point, and I believe that you are correct. We don’t have to go and look for another Mass to go to if we have already received our Lord in the Holy Eucharist at Mass. That sounds a bit scrupulous, as though we didn’t believe Our Lord gave us all the grace we needed in that first Holy Communion.

However, there are some occasions when a person happens to be at a Mass twice in one day, as you mentioned above, and they do not have to refrain from receiving a second time.


I think there’s a problem if you’re going out of your way to attend and receive at a second Mass, which is for the same day.

Although the document doesn’t say anything against it, it does seem over the top.

Its a different situation, if you find yourself at a funeral or wedding the same day that you have already attended Mass. However, such Masses are not the Mass of the day, but for the rite of the sacrament of marriage or the dead.



That is where the law allows it. We have a man in our church, who attends all 5 masses on Sunday and receives communion. He belives he will get more graces the more he receives. We have tried to tell him that is not the idea of being allowed to receive more than once. He also goes into the sanctuary and hugs the tabernacle. OK, so he is not your normal person who might receive more than once in a day. But yes, it is allowed for circumstances you might find yourself in where you need to receive twice. It is not to get more graces. Also by law, a priest should only celebrate 2 masses in a day, so, in a way the same law applies to them, although under certain circumstances they can celebrate more than two masses. For example in my home parish one of the associates was called back to his home country leaving the parish with only two priests and 7 masses on a weekend, two on Saturday night and 5 on Sunday. One of them has to celebrate 3 Sunday masses…and then there is a possibility of a wedding mass as well.


I agree with this. I asked my parish priest who is ortodox long ago and he checked it and said 2 masses and you can have 2 communions in one day. But you cannot have a communion service with communion and communion at mass on the one day.:thumbsup:


The five receptions are clearly against Canon Law (and I wonder at some of my local parishioners now - they do seem to be at Mass regardless of what time I attend, so maybe they do the same thing :eek: )

But John Paul 2 apparently used to hug the tabernacle or monstrance too - in private adoration though, not in public. I think there’s something sweet about it. After all we’re always being told how much our sins hurt Him, and in some people it’s a natural desire to comfort one they love who they know to be hurting in this way.


I had never heard this about John Paul II, and it may or may not be true. However, there is a difference here: one is the Pope, the other is a lay person. (The other difference, as already pointed out, is the public vs. private difference.)

In the Old Testament, only the high priest was permitted to enter the Holy of Holies, and only under certain circumstances. Anyone else who approached could expect to die.

Things are a little “looser” these days, but I still think it is necessary for the laity to keep a reverent distance from the tabernacle or monstrance, certainly not touching it unless they have a reason to do so (for example, an Extraordinary Minister bringing Holy Communion to a sick person with permission from the pastor).


[quote="JimR-OCDS, post:4, topic:141183"]
This changed in 1983. A person may receive communion twice in one day.




Whoah! Slow down folks. The commentaries make it clear that the person may receive twice in one day, if the two masses are not the mass of the day or if they are special occasions.

*]For example, I attend morning mass on Saturday morning. I attend the vigil mass Saturday night.

*]I attend morning mass and a funeral, wedding, first communion or some other special celebration of the mass later that day.

*]Christmas and Easter when we often attend the Vigil and sometimes the morning mass.

*]But you can't attend the 9:30 mass and stay for the 11:00 just to receive again.

The graces of the Eucharist are enough one time. You cannot stockpile graces. That would constitute an abuse of the sacrament and borders on supersticious behavior. In addition, dioceses have rules about this. You must check out the rules in your diocese.

There are several online commentaries that you can go to for clarification. I'm using a textbook, otherwise I'd give you a link.

I'll try to find a reliable online commentary.


Br. JR, OSF :)


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