Exclusive: Benghazi Whistleblower Says He Was Smeared



The Benghazi whistleblower whose new book details massive security failures in the run-up to the September 11, 2012 attacks denies he wrote an incident report made public this week that undermines key details in his memoir.

However, later in the article he admits he lied, but only to his employer. :eek:


Figures. The Democrat Party will do most anything to get ahead.


How are the republicans any different in that regard?


They have shown they are not willing to do anything.


AWWWWW… the book isn’t selling huh??


And the Republican party doesn’t rely on voter fraud for winning elections.




They don’t need to… They’ve already gerrymandered the entire country to the point where it’s mathematically impossible for the democrats to win the house for a very long time.


By a “very long time” you mean like, say, the nearly 60 years that the Democrats controlled the House a while ago? (from 1933-1995, with the exception of 2 years in the 40’s). Sounds like sour grapes to me - like in sports when someone complains that they lost because of the referees.



Oh, here we go again - “the Republicans are the same as the Democrats.” I disagree. For the left (and here I use the terms “left” and “Democrats” interchangeably), what matters is the end. If you have to break a few laws, steal an election, get dead people to vote, then so be it - if you motives are good. Writ large, it means trampling on individual rights in order to achieve a “greater good.” You have to scramble an egg to make an omelet.



The current Republican hold on the house is not secure by a long shot. They have not held it that long at all, and there is no guarantee at all that they will hold it for even another two years , let alone 60.


In the dimension of wanting to win at any cost, how are republicans any different?

I disagree.

Then provide your evidence, how do the republicans have pure motives and always act honestly and democrats want to win at any cost?


You would be incorrect. This is a bi-partisan issue. Both sides do it and it is wrong.


This is a mantra being sold to the public in order to benefit Democrats.


Is there really any evidence that one side has more virtuous politicians than the other? The original claim was that democrats will do anything to get elected. My claim was that in this dimension, republicans are no different. I have yet to see any evidence that disputes that claim.

Of course, I have never said that they are exactly the same in each and every way, but that seems to be the way that Ishi portrays the comment.


Nor have I seen any evidence to establish the claim.


Nor has there been any evidence for the other side democrats as well, since the claim that someone will do anything to be elected is rather vague and not well defined.


You do realize that no republican has been caught lying about Benghazi, right?


Could you please explain to me how republicans have any power to gerrymander large states such as New York, Illinois and California when democrats are in the governor’s offices?

And yes, the gerrymandering is so favorable to the republicans, I guess that’s why a bunch of democrats in the house get 60-90% of vote!

Those poor democrats, in such a tight race! :nope:


Has it ever occurred to you that the American people voted out the democrats in the House overall because they don’t like their polices?

Furthermore, Catholics who support politicians that create and/or support anti-Catholic positions on marriage, stem-cell research, human cloning, abortion and euthanasia should seriously consider excusing themselves from Communion and do a better job of forming their consciences.


You’re kidding, right?

The whole Benghazi affair is on damage control to (a) get Obama re-elected and (b) keep Hilary in the running for 2016.

You’re kidding, right?

The whole Benghazi affair is on damage control to (a) get Obama re-elected and (b) keep Hilary in the running for 2016.


If you want to know why America is in trouble and why Obama got re-elected, look no further than this thread. :rolleyes:

Classic CAF excuse-making.

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