Exclusive: Christie was Mitt's first choice for VP


One of the most tantalizing subplots of the 2012 campaign has been the curious and sometimes controversial performances of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Now, campaign insiders tell POLITICO that Christie was Mitt Romney’s first choice for the Republican ticket, lending an intriguing new context to the continuing drama around the Garden State governor.

The strong internal push for Christie, and Romney’s initial instinct to pick him as his running mate, reflects how conflicted the nominee remained about choosing a running mate until the very end of the process. At least on the surface, Christie and Paul Ryan are about as opposite as two Republicans could be: a brash outsider from the Northeast versus a bookish insider from the heartland.

Choosing Gov. Christie could very well have won my vote for the Romney camp. Choosing Paul Ryan did much to convince me to cast for President Obama.

I don’t think Ryan has given them the push they had hoped.

Can you imagine a Christie-Biden debate? They would have needed the National Guard.


A Catholic shouldn’t vote for Obama - he is pro-abortion.


I don’t think Biden’s tactics would have worked against Chris Christie. But then again, they backfired against Paul Ryan, who came across as much more reasonable than Biden and not a blowhard.


Paul Ryan is a strong Pro-Life Catholic who, as such, also believes in traditional marriage. Obama is for no limits on abortion even saying he thinks a baby should still die after surviving an abortion attempt. And Obama thinks that marriage should be redefined to include homosexual acts. You didn’t know that the Catholic Church is against abortion and against redefining marriage?

Why would you vote against a Strong Catholic for Vice President that seems to know a lot about Economics and instead vote the VP whom has been asked by his BISHOP not to RECEIVE THE EUCHARIST?

Wouldn’t Christie have been considered too liberal and thus alienate the conservative base?

Yes. And that would have ensured a win for Obama. The principle of divide and conquer would have worked to Obama’s advantage.

I don’t agree that Ryan was so great in his debate with Biden; but I do agree that Biden would not have been successful against Christie, who is nobody’s fool and takes no prisoners.

That would be my thought. Plus, I think he would have overshadowed Mr. Romney on the charisma front. Of course, that isn’t a big stretch.


He might as well just pick Obama as his running mate. :rolleyes:

A solid Catholic who understands his faith and applies it to his public life convinced you to vote for the most pro-death, anti-Catholic candidate in American history?

I don;t have the mental dexterity to wrap my brain around that.

I don’t know if this is true…I’m glad he didn’t pick Christie…who has turned into a bit of a nub over the last few days. I wanted Rubio to be the VP pick…but picking Ryan might actually shake Wisconsin loose for Romney. We’ll see. I like Ryan…but Rubio has a bit more personality.

Ryan did exactly what he was suppossed to in the debate…he didn’t hurt Romney. Biden did what he was suppossed to do…energize the base…but in doing so he peeved a few independents.

I think Christie chose to give himself a better chance to run for the top office, rather than be someone’s second banana.

His favorite author (Ayn Rand) didn’t even recognize a fetus as human so what caused him to be such a STRONG Pro-life Catholic? Maybe a lot of money that the National Right to Life were throwing at him?

The non-traditonal posters like to throw comments like that for attention. Sad, but it becomes obvious. My niece does the same thing when she misses her nap. Most disappear; the few that don’t are legit posters.


I’m a pro-life Catholic and a huge fan of Ayn Rand…liking an author’s political and economic views doesn’t mean we accept every single belief that author holds…and you know that.

Thanks, but what I do in the confessional or the voting booth is not your concern.

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