Exclusive: EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo Interviews Archbishop Viganò About McCarrick Report




Can’t say I’m surprised.

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I’m not really familiar with Arroyo. Just heard some snippets here and there. What’s the story?

I haven’t watched his entire show for a number of years.

I do occasionally read his Twitter and sometimes a video snippet. He has a frequent segment though called, “The Papal Posse.”

He’s very very critical of Pope Francis. To the point where I can’t watch his show anymore. I’m sure he found a kindred spirit in Archbishop Vigano.


Raymond Arroyo is supposed to report news, right? Not just news we like, or news we agree with.

And there is a difference between expressing concerns about a person’s actions and being ‘critical of a person.’ I know that distinction is kind of blurred these days in the US where people practically froth at the mouth when speaking of either Trump or Biden who embody the platform of their particular political party, rather than address any of the platform planks they criticise, but in the old days one used to be able to raise a concern or ask for further information (clarity) without being perceived of as ‘hating on’ somebody.’


And no one said otherwise.

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Anyhow, more important than what one thinks of Arroyo is what Vigano actually said.

A key point is that Vigano is mentioned 306 times in the report but he was never asked for an interview. This is terribly unfair.


Arroyo was a great friend of the much loved Mother Angelica

It is unfair. But was it unexpected?

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Here’s the written transcript:

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I never watched it or listened to it. All I know of him is he wrote a bio of Mother Angelica and edited some others by her. I’m not interested in anything he does beyond that, and I hope his constant picking at the Pope doesn’t jeopardize Mother Angelica’s sainthood cause.

My honest thoughts on Vigano cannot be posted here as they will be flagged and removed. Suffice it to say I think it’s prudent and kind for the Vatican to just ignore him.

He was once a journalist on EWTN. I guess he still is sometimes, but he has evolved into more of a pundit than journalist, in my opinion, often talking more than his guests. He definitely leads them.

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Mother Angelica was saintly long before Raymond wrote his book or hosted a show on EWTN.

So I’m not concerned much on her canonization.

Pope Francis hosted an EWTN Spanish language program years ago when he was cardinal.

He and mother Angelica had much in common, children (or grandchildren) of Italian immigrants.

I’m not sure if they interacted.

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