Exclusive Interview: Environmentalists the Ultimate Materialists Says Rome Theology Prof

By Hilary White, Rome correspondentROME, February 2, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Radical environmentalism is, at its heart, a materialistic, anti-religious creed with its roots in the same philosophies that gave birth to the 20th century’s great totalitarian regimes, says a prominent theology…

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This materialist worldview is deeply, deeply entrenched in the environmental movement and is quickly seeping into the secular culture, unfortunately, IMHO.

nice article, an interesting read. i have to admit i had not made that connection, but i see it now.

So good to read that! I am not a scholar by any means but I have studied the environmental movement. My life has been affected by some of these people and their thinking.

I am glad that someone else sees what’s going on.

I have seen the links between the socialist ideologies of communism, nazism and fascism and many of the modern day movements like environmentalism for quite awhile. Although I did not see the link with materialism, I am glad someone has made the connection for us to ponder.

It has also given me a possible book for my “to buy” list. :blush::shrug:

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