Exclusive: Mexican archbishop defends school that refused admission to child with ‘two fathers’


Good on the Bishop! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

How dare a two year old with a gay dad try to get into a daycare. Why doesn’t she go out and get a mom and a straight dad like normal kids. The nerve of some people. :rolleyes:


How dare a private daycare uphold Christian values. They should drop their religious beliefs altogether and conform to the secular culture. :rolleyes:

Do you really support discriminating against a 2 year old because her dad is in a gay relationship? That seems petty and weird to me.

They are discriminating against the gay couple, and yes, I support just discrimination. Do you really support clamping down on religious freedom? That is petty, but I guess completely normal for you.

Our choices hurt the children ! My prayers are for this child.

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it was explained to the father of the child that if he followed the standards of the school the child would be admitted. He did not wish to do that. This is not the only daycare available. He made a choice to have his relationship be more important than putting his daughter in what he called the ‘ideal’ school.

There isn’t a gay person on the face of the earth that doesn’t know the Church’s teaching on this issue. The Church is not Woolworth’s and there’s no lunch counter to file discrimination lawsuits over.

Exactly. He made the choice. Unfortunately it’s the kids that always suffer from these types of decisions.

This doesn’t sit quite right with me. What does their homosexuality have to do with the school not wanting to babysit the child? It feels sort of like a Catholic owned restaurant not serving a gay couple. They still need to eat. I agree it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a reception for a gay “marriage” at the restaurant, but selling them food (or childcare in this instance) is in no way celebrating or condoning their sins.

Seriously? You can disagree with the choice made by the parents, but why should the child have to suffer? The child is at NO fault here.

This kind of discrimination sickens me.

Well said vsedriver. Why don’t they go to another facility?

While I hold no brief for alternative sexuality, it just escapes me why a little child should be penalized because of a parent’s choices?


But the child is not the only person to consider here. As the bishop said, he had an obligation to protect the other children too. One child’s needs don’t trump the needs of the rest of the students, their parents or the teachers.

Exactly. Those who pretend to care about the child are just advocating for the normalization of same sex “marriage” by trying to shame others.

The child’s father was asked by the school to present himself as a single parent and he refused. This father wants his same-sex relationship front and center.
Why would a loving parent put their child in a religious school whose theology you abhor?


This is the argument used to support abortion in cases of rape or incest. “We should punish the child for the sin of its father”.

Perhaps if you are against abortion in cases of rape or incest, you might want to think more along the lines of, “We should not punish the child for the sin of its father.”



Apples and oranges, and a very weak argument.

Having a two year old in a day care poses a threat to nobody. In fact, because of her parental situation, would it not be positive for her to be exposed to “Christian values” that this day care claims to uphold.

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