Exclusive: NATO agrees Turkey air defense package, seeks 'predictability'


By “seeks predictability,” I think what they mean is “seeks WWIII”…


**NATO allies agreed on Friday to send aircraft and ships to Turkey to strengthen Ankara’s air defenses on its border with Syria, the alliance’s chief said.

Diplomats said the package is partly designed to avoid more shoot-downs of Russian planes.

Envoys to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization approved the plan and must now decide what military assets to send to Turkey, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told Reuters, stressing that it was a defensive measure.**

The article continues at the link.


The Ex-KGB agent now worth $70 Billion can’t scare Nato as Russia has bullied so many and fool us with lies like no Russians in Ukraine. Let’s hope Russia stands guilty of war crimes some day. Turkey by itself can fight back against such rape, pillaging and plunder.


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