Exclusive sit down interview with Kavanaugh, denies sexual misconduct in Fox News exclusive: 'I know I'm telling the truth'


I’m sure everyone who actually has an interest in this case who has been debating this will be watching to gauge Mr. Kavanaugh. The same way will be watching Ms. Ford in Thursday.

Especially since there is no proof of anything, and this comes down to who seems more credible.

I look forward to people’s impressions.


I think they both can be credible in their testimony. Given the use of heavy alcohol by minors, people fill in gaps in their narratives, memory can misremember.


Except that at least three people she names are not supporting her story. That cuts into her credibility.


As do a number of other factors. Has anyone heard how she claims to be sure it was kavanaugh, when not being able to remember ANY other details? And she didn’t remember it was Brett Kavanaugh even a few years ago? She is misremembering big time, or lying. Or he is lying, and whoever did his six prior background investigations needs to be investigated.


Is this the only time she met him, at this party?


I would find this accusation so much more believable if Feinstein hadn’t held it back the way she did.

Now I just think it’s an abortion-enabler’s plot.


Yes me too.
I wasn’t able to watch the interview due to work, I will have to try to catch a re-run
thanks for posting the clip


Yes, it was a convenient stick to put in the spokes at the last minute and stop the confirmation train. They know his adult character by his well investigated actions the past 30 yrs, which is why he was offered the job…


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