Exclusive: Syria’s Assad tells Yahoo News some refugees are ‘definitely’ terrorists


Weighing in on one of the most contentious issues in American politics — the danger posed to host countries by the 4.8 million people who have fled from Syria’s civil war — Syrian President Bashar Assad told Yahoo News that some of the refugees are “definitely” terrorists.
In an exclusive interview with Yahoo News at a presidential office in Damascus, Assad said President Trump’s freeze on admitting refugees from his country — part of an executive order that has drawn widespread protests and is being challenged in federal court — “is an American issue” on which he would not take sides. But asked if some of those who fled are “aligned with terrorists,” Assad quickly replied, “Definitely.”



Well, Assad says it and so does ISIS. Sometimes when all sides say it, it ought to be believed.


If a majority of the Syrian refugees are fleeing Assad, then one need look no further than who the groups fighting against Assad are. So, yes of course there’s going to be a significant number of people who embrace Islamic extremism in the mix. This one is a No Brainer.


How is this considered news? Everyone on Earth already knows this.

And our refugee vetting process has prevented any terrorist attacks from ever occurring in this country.



Assad states that some refugees are definitely terrorists. Love Assad or hate him, this is not disputed. Let’s recall ancient history here. Remember the 9/11 terror attack?

It was a plan in gestation since 1996.

“The idea for the attacks came from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who first presented it to Osama bin Laden in 1996.”

Conceptualized. Formulated. Planned. Financed. Organized. Over the next 5 years, the personnel were chosen, trained, visas obtained and moved into place. “Western” clothing and habits were assumed as a cover.

9/11/2001 it hit the fan.

For all of those who excused Clinton, blamed Bush, excused Obama and now blame Trump (notice a pattern?), better pray that the US does not once again pay the price five years from now. Or this year.


Yeah, no one, not even the most ardent refugee supporter, refutes this.


Then the question has to be asked.

There were many, many refugees, namely Christian ones that were running for their lives and turning to Assad for protection against the rebellion. Why would our American government side directly or through our allies arm this rebellion knowing that these Christian civilians are running to Assad who no one will deny we want to overthrow? Sound anything like the Libyan debacle?


Excepting, of course, the Ninth Circuit court of appeals in the U.S.


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