EXCLUSIVE: The EU readies itself for war with Putin: Europe prepares to 'act where NATO is unwilling to do so' as MEP admits 'Trump is right – we rely on US too much'


*]European Parliament voted today on plans for closer military co-operation
*]Britain WOULD be able to opt out of the project and not pay towards it
*]MEP behind report says Donald Trump ‘absolutely right’ on Nato funding
*]Urmas Paet says Putin’s aggression plays up to ‘Soviet nostalgia’ in Russia
*]Estonian who authored report says it is NOT setting up a parallel EU army
*]There is a separate plan for a £420million defence research programme

Ah another one of the Daily Mail’s ‘The Russians are coming, prepare for Red Dawn II’, syle headlines.

Did the daily mail miss the memo about the fall of the USSR?

why is the EU readying for war with Russia? :confused:

It is not really, if you read the article the rather hilarious EU battle group requires all 28 member state to agree at once to use it. Thus although it has been in technical existence for some years it has never been used. The report comes from an Estonian gent, Estonia has a large percentage of ethnic Russians living there and there always tensions between the three Baltic republics and Russia. They are also always on the scrounge for free military bits and bobs as their military capacity is very low, The three Baltic countries are so desperate for anything that when Ireland was building three new naval ships to replace older assets they expressed an interest in one of them. Even though it was at that point nearing 35 years of operational service and completely trashed. The 420 million suggested for a ‘research fund’ would help them provide some spare capacity in Estonia and new equipment I suspect.

Estonian and Latvia and Lithuania all have axes to grind with Russia, as does Russia with them. However the prospect of an actual invasion is rather unlikely as the Russians know that would draw them into a conflict with Europe as a whole.

NATO I believe is like a family gathering, first it starts out as close family and friends and everything goes along beautifully, then they add some family who are not as close, and then they add some distant relations you don’t know very well or at all, and those people add some of their friends you don’t know, some of whom you don’t really like because their not very nice people (Saudi Arabia), and then pretty soon some knucklehead is in the mix who ends up starting a fight with someone and ruins the gathering for everyone (e.g. some NATO member recklessly starts something and calls on all other NATO members to their defense).

NATO really needs to be pulled back I think, and especially so that they are not encroaching on Russia’s borders, as that in my book would be unjust aggression.

If and only if Russia were to start aggressing, then you could snap those countries up as part of NATO I believe, but at the moment, to me it looks an awful lot like unjust aggression toward Russia rather than self defense.

I hope this has helped :slight_smile:

God Bless

Thank you for reading

I saw an article about the new Irish Navy ships and not to be denigrating they didn’t seem much better armed than a US Coast Guard cutter.

It isn’t.

The Daily Mail has invented a make believe world for its readers that represents an escape from reality.

They dont’ need to be, not every nation’s needs are measured against the US. They are armed at about the level of an US Coast Guard cutter. That is suitable to the likely foes they would encounter such as drug smugglers, possible gun running and so forth. They are never going to be tested in a major combat situation, that is not their purpose or role. They are armed with a 76mm gun and six heavy machine guns and two 20 mm cannon. That is sufficient to deter smugglers or those fishing illegally, their role si to engage in those kind of conflicts. They could be slightly better armed if need be but I doubt the design would stand up to the strains of much heavier weapons. The Irish Navy is a small force of 8 ships with around 1100 personnel. It is tiny by US standards. Of course the idea of one of our ships standing up to a major warship is ridiculous, it might just about survive an encounter with a somewhat better armoured patrol ship if very lucky. The Baltic Republic governments have very little equipment though and have to beg and borrow a lot of the the time. One of our previous ships ended up filling in as Malta’s flagship till their new one is constructed, Ireland has never made defence a major budget priority and we spend rather under 1 percent of GDP per year on it. You spend in one year what we need around 600 to spend.

In which naughty Russians or Muslims (depending on the day of publication) rampage around and which Brexit will magically cure all the ills of the nation.



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