Exclusive: United States could become an 'associate member' of the Commonwealth


What would the Founding Fathers have to say about our Twittering President seeking to modify the goals and ideals of the American Revolution?

1776, the year we declared independence from Britain. And 2017, the year we un-declared it.


**The Royal Commonwealth Society is making plans to open a branch in the United States, with a view to one day bringing America into the fold as an “associate member”.

The project, which is said to be backed by the Queen, has come about in part as a result of Donald Trump’s fondness for Britain and the Royal Family. **

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Is that why the Queen was seen with a new hat! :smiley:


Opening a branch in the US, Mr Lake said, would further Britain’s ties with America, developing new connections between two countries who already share a common language.

Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. We have a lot in common as nations, same language, similar culture, cooperating more and trading more and increasing formal links between our two countries makes a lot of sense.


I’m not being snarky, but who cares what the Founding Fathers would think?

1776 was politically a radically different environment from today. The US and GB obviously didn’t depart from one another on happy terms, but that’s history, and there is a similar cultural heritage that remains and has always remained. I don’t see anything wrong with entering into the Commonwealth; it wouldn’t change US sovereignty.


No. :eek: The USA would win all the Gold medals at the Commonwealth Games. :smiley: Just kidding, the next games is in Australia next year. Y’all are very welcome.


Now there’s yer fake news! Will we get a discount on fish n chips?


Benedict Arnold is Benedict Arnold, regardless of his era.


I suggest that people who think that we should associate with the Commonwealth in this sense of the word read the US Constitution. I haven’t got a problem with things like trade and whatnot but especially since the queen has the title defender of the faith. I, being a Catholic cannot accept that from a Protestant (I mean no offense to those loyal to her majesty)



You could say in some ways, we are them without the queen.



A large number of nations who are independent are part of the Commonwealth, the Republic of Ireland left in 1949, partly due to festering issues over the north of Ireland. However I am not sure that was actually a wise move looking back, membership does not impeded sovereignty on a day to day basis.


I wouldn’t go that far as US culture is also as different as it is similar but there are certainly likes and influences between the two and they have had great influence on each other, even if they do moan and slag each off as well. Mind you taking the mickey out of other Commonwealth countries is part of how things are in the UK, but deep down people do recognize the cultural and historical links between them.


It’s a ceremonial title that wouldn’t affect religious liberty in any way. Canada & Australia both have a pretty substantial Catholic heritage in addition to an Anglican/Protestant heritage.

Besides, the US system historically isn’t without its conflict with the Holy See. Americanism - which was an alternative form of Catholic social teaching being taught that was coddling to the American value of separate Church and State - was condemned as a heresy by Pope Leo XIII. That doesn’t make the US somehow an illegitimate state or that we should stop rendering to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. It just means it’s a human government built by humans that should be respected & obeyed insofar as possible, but not worshiped.


The term Defender of the Faith as used by British Monarchs was actually one they were given by a Pope, Pope Paul III I believe… Also the Royal Family has a number of Catholic members and there are many British people who are Catholic who would themselves as loyal to the nation as personified in the monarchy. I personally would not as my own allegiances are to Ireland . However been Catholic and British is something that presents no problem, think of famous examples like JRR Tolkien or Chesterton.


LOL This is priceless!


I could see with the wonders of Brexit looming why the UK would favour this also. In real terms it would have zero impact on the daily life of Americans however. When Ireland declared a Republic in 1949 we started a load of grumbling and grousing as up to that point other Commonwealth nations hadn’t done so and we excluded ourselves by doing so. Not that we ever put much interest into been a Commonwealth member anyway, we were technically still more or less a Dominion with a Governor General but no took any notice of him either. After that point and because of the situation the guidelines for republics been members were more clearly laid out and clarified. Most of the members now are republics ironically. It would not bother me in the slightest if Ireland rejoined at this point but it also doesn’t bother me if we don’t.


I like the English. I have no beef with them.

But there is no way in Heaven or on Earth that I would ever, ever, consent to surrender our national identity to another country.

Besides, the Soviet Union already has dibs on us.

I truly hope this is fake news. :cool:


The SovIet Union no longer exista and has not done so for a quarter of a century. Been a member of the Commonwealth does not mean surrendering national identity, there are over 50 nations in it and I don’t think anyone would excuse say India of not having an identity of its own or Australia or Canada.


We will be there , it’s just up the road from us , bit over an hour drive south ,
Not sure if I should give a comment about the U S , some moderators have no sense of humour :smiley:


I thought China was the one , Arn’t they buying up the country ?


Aussies humour is something that might not work here…:wink:

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