Excommunication and interdiction

  1. Why cannot “interdiction” be found in the Catholic Catechism?

  2. What are the conditions (aside from the danger of death) that warrant the lifting of the excommunication and interdiction?:slight_smile:


article on the topic from new advent

the terms are not discussed in the CCC because they are canon law disciplines, and CCC is compendium of doctrine, and does not deal directly with canon law


All disciplinary processes of the Church can be found in Canon Law.

Also, “danger of death” does not “warrant” lifting either. A number of heretics died in a state of excommunication, refusing to be reconciled to the Church.


That the person repent and go to confession.


Actually, this is an overly broad generalization.

Some specific disciplinary measures can only be lifted by the Bishop and in some cases the Pope.

Confessing and repenting are one step in the process, but not sufficient to lift all censures.

Canon Law spells out the particulars for various offenses and penalties.


Thank you for clarifying.


I based my statement on the CCC. Thanks for the clarification.


Can we discuss them here?


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