Excommunication and scripture

Can anyone give me some scriptures which back up the Catholic position on
excommunication. I have heard it said that the Church has no right to excommunicate, or that Jesus would never have excommunicated anyone. Are there scriptures which would indicate otherwise? Thanks for any help. God bless and may Mary keep you.

In Jesus and Mary,
ken G.

Hey Redman,

Good question…u heard wrong though.

the Church does have the right and obligation to excommunicate.

Look at what Jesus says in Matthew Chapter 18 (the verse escapes me right now, im at work.lol)

Look to where Jesus talks about when a brother sins against u. what do you do? Go to him alone, and if he converts u have won ur brother but if not go back with 2 or 3 others. If he continues, take the matter to the Church!..and if he fails to listen EVEN to the church…consider him a tax collecter and gentile (one who is outside and doesnt belong = excommunicate)

Paul also, in Galatians Chapter 1 - when he says that if anyone where to preach to them a gospel that was not the one he preached, consider then anathema.

Anathema = excommunicated.

i hope that helps…sorry for the brevity…im at work

in Christ


I got this from:


Right of the Church to Excommunicate

The right to excommunicate is an immediate and necessary consequence of the fact that the Church is a society. Every society has the right to exclude and deprive of their rights and social advantages its unworthy or grievously culpable members, either temporarily or permanently. This right is necessary to every society in order that it may be well administered and survive. The fundamental proof, therefore, of the Church’s right to excommunicate is based on her status as a spiritual society, whose members, governed by legitimate authority, seek one and the same end through suitable means. Members who, by their obstinate disobedience, reject the means of attaining this common end deserve to be removed from such a society. This rational argument is confirmed by texts of the New Testament, the example of the Apostles, and the practice of the Church from the first ages down to the present. Among the Jews, exclusion from the synagogue was a real excommunication (Esd., x, 8). This was the exclusion feared by the parents of the man born blind (John, ix, 21 sq.; cf. xii, 42; xvi, 2); the same likewise that Christ foretold to His disciples (Luke, vi, 22). It is also the exclusion which in due time the Christian Church should exercise: “And if he will not hear the church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican” (Matt., xviii, 17). In the celebrated text: “Whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven” (Matt., xviii, 18; cf. xvi, 19), it is not only the remission of sins that is referred to, but likewise all spiritual jurisdiction, including judicial and penal sanctions. Such, moreover, was the jurisdiction conferred on St. Peter by the words: “Feed my lambs”; “feed my sheep” (John, xxi, 15, 16, 17). St. Paul excommunicated regularly the incestuous Corinthians (I Cor., v, 5) and the incorrigible blasphemers whom he delivered over to Satan (I Tim., i, 20). Faithful to the Apostolic teaching and example, the Church, from the very earliest ages, was wont to excommunicate heretics and contumacious persons; since the fourth century numerous conciliary canons pronounce excommunication against those who are guilty of certain offences. Of the facts there can be no doubt (Seitz, Die Heilsnotwendigkeit der Kirche, Freiburg, 1903).

Hello Redman,

If you stand before Jesus on judgement day and Jesus says to you, “I hold you bound to your sin”, is there anyway for you to go into heaven? Jesus swears to the Apostles that if they hold a man bound to his sin on earth, He will hold the man bound to his sin in heaven. Jesus left Apostolic Successors with His own powerful spiritually deadly sword. Apostolic Successors are to weild Christ’s sword upon the foe to protect Christ’s Bride (the Church) on earth.

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**NAB MAT 16:13 **
Jesus replied, “Blest are you, Simon son of John! No mere man has revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father. I for my part declare to you, you are ‘Rock,’ and on this rock I will build my church, and the jaws of death shall not prevail against it. I will entrust to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you declare bound on earth shall be bound in heaven; whatever you declare loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Then he strictly ordered his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Messiah.NAB REV 1:16

A sharp, two-edged sword came out of his mouth, and his face shone like the sun at its brightest. When I caught sight of him I fell down at his feet as though dead, he touched me with his right hand and said: “There is nothing to fear. I am the First and the Last and the One who lives. Once I was dead but not I live-- forever and ever. I hold the keys of death and the nether world.”

NAB ISA 11:4

The Rule of Immanuel [indent]He shall strike the ruthless with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked. [/indent]NAB JOH 20:20

At the sight of the Lord the disciples rejoiced. “Peace be with you,” he said again. “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” Then he breathed on them and said: “Recieve the Holy Spirit. If you forgive men’s sins, they are forgiven them; if you hold them bound, they are held bound.” NAB MAT 5:22

What I say to you is: everyone who grows angry with his brother shall be liable to judgement; any man who uses abusive language toward his brother shall be** answerable to the Sanhedrin,** and if he holds him in contempt he risks the fires of Gehenna. NAB MAT 18:17

“If he ignores them, refer it to the church . If he ignores even the church, then treat him as you would a Gentile or a tax collector. I assure you, whatever you declare bound on earth shall be held bound in heaven, and whatever you declare loosed on earth shall be held loosed in heaven.” Peace in Christ,
Steven Merten

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