Excommunication for taking Protestant communion?

My daughter took communion in an Evangelical church and then was told that she was automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church backed up with internet articles.


Catholics should not receive communion in a non-Catholic worship service:

Can. 844 §1. Catholic ministers administer the sacraments licitly to Catholic members of the Christian faithful alone, who likewise receive them licitly from Catholic ministers alone

However, there is no penalty of excommunication attached to such reception. There are nine sins that carry automatic excommunication penalties: a person who procures a completed abortion (canon 1388); apostasy, heresy, schism (canon 1364, 1), sacrilegious treatment of a consecrated host (canon 1367), physically attacking the pope (canon 1370, 1), sacramentally absolving an accomplice in a sexual sin (canon 1378, 1), consecrating a bishop without authorization (canon 1382), and directly violating the seal of confession (canon 1388, 1).

Apostasy is the total repudiation of the Christian faith. Heresy is the obstinate doubt or denial, after baptism, of a defined Catholic doctrine. Schism is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or the refusal to be in communion with members of the Church who are in communion with him (CIC 751).

Your daughter simply made a mistake, she did not commit apostasy, heresy or schism. She is **not **excommunicated.

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