excommunication question

Is this website correct in saying that you can get excommunicated for having a pretend mass? Can someone go into a little detail for me? Also i know the answer is probably no, but if an unbaptized person did something worthy of excommunication would they not be able to become Catholic, thanks replys are much appreciated

What is it you are not understanding regarding this?


Exommunication is a canonical penalty that applies only to Catholic.

What does it mean by a pretend mass?i heard of children( NOT that i child could be excommunicated) doing it before like a game…just something i read. Or does it mean a public thing?

no it does not mean children, or even an adult, playing mass or pretending-- for example a teacher demonstrating mass in a religion class, etcc.

it means someone holding themselves out as a priest and simulating administration of the sacraments. the word used in canon law is simulation, not “pretend”.


Also would this have to be a public thing?? To a group?

When we were little kids (like 5 or 6 years old), my brother and I used to play “holy communion” all the time. I would take the center of a piece of WonderBread and smush it flat into a round “host”.

My brother was always the “priest” and I was the congregation.

I don’t think the Church would excommunicate children for “playing Mass” - playing is the way children process meaningful experiences.

No, it could be someon posing as a priest to one person-- hearing a confession for example.

So basically someone seriously pretending to be a priest?


Thank you!

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