So, every now and then, I hear of priest vocally supporting gay marriage or other forms of dissent and it makes me wonder why bishops don’t excommunicate people more often. In some cases, I hear of things so bad I begin to wish that the penalty was placed upon the majority of a parish. Is this line of thinking wrong? I know that there 's a chance that at least some of these priests know about the latae sentenae excommunication and as a result have excommunicated themselves, but I wonder if it being a declared excommunication could help get some of the more progressive elements of the Church on track. Thinking like this makes me feel guilty, I struggle to believe that it’s okay to think like this. Is there any aspect of my thinking that could be justifiable?

I’m with you. I feel the same way a lot of the time. I finally decided to worry more about myself than everyone else. I had to stop watching Michael Voris because I was just really pissed after every episode. I also have to not read any news articles about the Church. I’m so sad that so many people are trying to corrupt Mother Church.

Yes disturbing when you hear the likes of the priest from Austria or Australia on his Dissent Tour, or the Nancy Pelosi who claims shes Catholic to buy some Catholic votes. But, I like to think of last weeks readings about Abraham. Abraham eventually “bargained” to save Sodom if could find even just 10 believers in the whole city . And of course God agreed The story is not really so much about Abraham persistence, I believe, but about Gods Mercy. So while it seems as though so many Catholics know NOTHING about their faith or are so arrogant that they think they know Gods will better, have NO FEAR as Blessed Pope John Paul II would remind us! Even if there are just 10 of us sitting in the pews, God will protect His Church, the gates of hell will not prevail, and the ten of us will burst into Satans realm to recover our lost sheep. So we may be a much smaller Church soon, She will be more fervent and in the end stronger! HAVE NO FEAR! Yes, I agree, to begin the New Evangelization in our lives, we must start with our own inner lives! God bless! And no more Michael Voris for you. Although I understand where hes coming from hes, Im not sure his approach is appropriate for everyone.

I am rather certain people like Nancy Pelosi know exactly what they are doing. It wouldn’t hurt to formally block such persons from communion and publicly denounce their opinions and separate the Catholic Church from their “catholic” opinions.

Thanks for the replies. Personally I’m no fan of Voris and believe that he exaggerates the problems and is uncharitable in his presentation. I’m also not big on some of his suggested solutions. My feelings come more from the experiences in my state. Just yesterday I was looking for information on parishes and found some old articles from the election. At the time I was so busy with school that I missed these. Apparently the Cathedral chose to disobey our bishop’s directives to speak against same sex marriage. And outside the cathedral there was a prayer vigil for the state to recognize same sex marriage. Also, on the same issue, when a priest in Seattle announced, during Mass, his opposition to the bishop, he received a standing ovation from his congregation. This is in addition to my experiences coming into the Church. I’ve had friendly arguments with my RCIA instructors on the topics of gay marriage and women priests. And they clearly showed support for Liberation Theology in class. And the head of the social justice committed is very vocal about the need for women priests. These experiences have made me a little bitter towards these issues. The more I think about it, the more I feel that my feeling are wrong and slightly harsh, and I wish that I could change them. But at the same times these things are harmful for the Church. They create disunity and make it harder to evangelize the world. When I here such vocal dissent, it really makes me sad.

Your part of the North Western United States historically has been a hot bed of radical political and social activity. The State of Washington was the last strong hold of the “Wobblies” the old radical organization International Workers of the World! The Wobblies were so far out that they made the Bolsheviks look like a right wing organization. So, it isn’t too unusual to find radically liberal Catholic congregations out there. After all, it wasn’t too many years ago that Rome recalled the Bishop of the Diocese of Seattle for promolgating beliefs that bordered on Heresy! I guess his lessons took.

With regards to Excommunication in the US: It is a shame that Excommunication has almost no effect on public attitudes. This because of the essential Protestant and Secularist nature of American society. That is why American Bishops rarely resort to it, leaving Excommunication to be largely a private matter.
The classic example of this is the current Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama regime,Kathleen Sebelius. When she was Governor of Kansas, her Bishop publicly ordered every priest in his Dioceses to deny her the Sacraments because of her public support for abortion. She not only ignored him, but when Obama made her in charge of Obamacare, she was instrumental in shoving abortion and contreception down the throat of the Catholic Church.
And she, along with Pelosi and Beiden are self proclaimed “good Catholics”…and they are supported by many “Cafeteria Catholics” who think the Church is some kind of democracy!

Which bishop was recalled? I remember reading about a very liberal bishop. I guess I’m surprised to find these problems because our current archbishop is really good. Maybe he doesn’t feel that there is much hope. It can’t be encouraging to have the pastor of the cathedral disobey you. Or maybe he is trying, but no one is listening.

It’s sad that excommunication has little effect. I’d think it would be devastating. But if someone is willing to reject part of the faith, I guess rejecting that isn’t too hard.

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