a) Has anyone here ever been excorcised?
b) Is it true that the Church is ‘ashamed’ of this rite- because I don’t think it should be.

Also, feel free to discuss various other excorsism-realted issue in this post.



a.) If you count the Sacrament of Reconciliation as an exorcism, then lots of times. I’m not being a smart-alec about that. Rome’s exorcist Fr. Amorth (sp?) says confession is the most powerful exorcism. But no, I’ve not done the rite of exorcism.

b.) I’m not aware of any shame about it. It’s always going to be a last resort thing, because they want natural explanations eliminated first, and I’ll bet in 99.99% of the time, there is a natural explanation.


Also according to Fr. Amorth (sp?), all Catholic Baptisms contain the rite of exorsism. So all baptised Catholics here have been exorsized.


The Scrutinies that the Elect undergo three times during Lent are also exorcisms.

So, yes, I’ve been exorcised at least three times. (Four if the point about baptism is true too) :stuck_out_tongue:


“A simple exorcism is performed at every baptism, but major exorcism can be performed only by a priest licensed by the bishop.”

from: boston-catholic-journal.com/an-interview-with-father-gabriele-amorth-the-Church’s-leading-exorcist.htm


I have never seen or heard any such claim, have you? Source?

we recite a minor exorcism every time we pray the Our Father.


Funny how anti-Catholics love to deride our rituals, but when a demon possession occurs, they run straight to a Catholic priest for an exorcism.


Satan thrives on publicity and confusion. For this reason exorcisms should be as subdued and private as possible.


Got any real examples of this?


What, of them deriding our rituals or of them running to a Catholic priest for an exorcism? I’ve got both, first hand too.


I think every diocese has an exorcist. My wife knows the retired one for my diocese. I’ve also heard the 3 signs from a radio interview that indicate a problem is probably demonic rather than psychological. I don’t remember what they are, but if you need to expel a demon, we have our ways.



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