Exercise for Religious


This question is especially directed toward religious who live in poverty…

A friend of mine volunteer-taught Crossfit to a community of nuns in her area, which I thought was great. Does this kind of thing happen often? I wouldn’t expect communities to own much in the way of material equipment, but do religious ever do less resource-dependent exercises like PX90 and such things, which are available at some public libraries?


I know several monks who like to go for jogs during the bit of free time they have during the day.


Nuns doing crossfit? That’s awesome.


I run in my free time (which, unfortunately, is not often enough!). Exercise may not have been understood “back in the day” as essential to a healthy life but it is now. It isn’t healthy just physically but spiritually as well. I have to be honest when I say that some of my closest moments with God have been in the middle of a long run.


The religious order to which I am discerning and whose motherhouse I have visited has a small workout room with simple equipment for strength training; they (the younger brothers, at least) generally do Crossfit workouts. Their community also gathers most days for volleyball, touch football, Ultimate, or some other equipment-light sport.

They keep spiritual and physical development in mind :thumbsup:


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