Exercise on the Sabbath?


I’ve been wondering - Are things like jogging or lifting a little on Sundays breaking the Sabbath? What if we dedicate them to God or are trying to keep our bodies in good condition? Any thoughts?


No, I don’t think there is anything sinful there.

Some ways to look at activities done on Sunday to determine whether you should participate:
*]Does it keep me from attending Mass?
*]Does it keep me from spending private time with God in prayer?
*]Does it keep me from spending time at rest of body and spirit?
*]Does it keep me from spending time with my family?
*]Does it risk making Sunday just like any other day?
*]Does it involve physical labor for an extended period of time?
*]Does it make it necessary for other people to work so they cannot observe Sunday as a day of rest? (I am not referring to critical jobs such as police and hospital workers, etc.)


It seems that exercise might be more in the category of personal care… things like brushing your teeth, washing your hair or eating healthy foods.

So… I think it’s probably fine. Many people find walking, in particular… to be restful or stress relieving. It’s also a great time to have a “walk & talk” (prayer) with God. :wink:


to me working out on sunday would;t be something i’d do.

Sunday should be about praying , going to mass and doing relaxing things like watching a football game or taking a nap.

you got other days of the week to work out. if you work out alot you know how mentally grinding it can be as well. give your body and your mind one day to rest. it will help refesh you…

I never work out on Sundays , I always make fun of my friends that do it just seems wrong to me.


Well, Sunday’s shouldnt be about watching football games, but yeah Sunday should be a day of rest…
but I’m not sure if its bad to work out or not, though on the Holy Sabbath.

  • I know the Sabbath definately shouldnt be about ourselves, and it should be 100% for God.

But, what if one enjoys working out?

…Well, whatever the case, we should do what we truly think God wants us to do. And, we should stop ourselves when we think that somethings not what God wants us to do. =)



is this the job you normally get paid for, or the work you ordinarily do all week? then no you should find another way to occupy your time on Sunday that constitutes rest and relaxation for you, after of course fulfilling your spiritual duties.


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