Exhausted/Stressed Need Advice


I’m so stressed out that it’s making me physically ill (no medical advice needed :wink: ). I dropped out of college last week which actually isn’t what’s stressing me out at all, strangely. Due to the fact that I dropped out of school I am having to find a new, better paying job. Right now I am working for my cousin at the gym she owns but they can only afford to pay me 6.00 an hour and not even full time. I obviously can’t live on that. On top of that I am trying to find a place to live and starting to plan a wedding. I have a part in the chorus of a musical right now and I don’t know what to do because rehearsals don’t end until late at night and I have to be at work at 6 am (I live 30 minutes away from my job AND the rehearsal location) everyday. I’m considering dropping the play because I am so exhausted but I know I will feel like a horrible person if I do.

Sorry for the rambling post. I just need some advice on what to do and maybe some prayers to aide me in my job search. I’m faxing my resume today and applying to places tomorrow. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


You need to prioritize your needs and your goals.

I would say the musical is way down on the list of priorities, and yes, I’d drop it and not feel guilty at all.

Your first priority is finding shelter and income, everything else can wait.


Here is a good source for government jobs: usajobs.gov/

we have 5 openings in our office right now.

Have you ever thought about serving your country?



Have you thought about doing some career counseling? There are several free sites online that will help you with interest inventories, skills assessments, etc., that could help direct you and help set your priorities. Your state job service or department of labor might even have one with numerous links. Even though you’ve dropped out of college, they may still be able to help you at their career counseling center which is often free. They may also be able to direct you to housing and employment opportunities, too. And remember to pray, pray, pray for guidance and for the wisdom to know when the right opportunities have been presented to you.


Thank you all so much for your replies! I just sent an e-mail to my director explaining the situation and apologizing for dropping the play. I live in New Mexico so oilfield companies are surrounding me. I am applying for a lot of secretarial jobs because that is what I am good at. Now I just need prayers to aide me in my job hunt. Thanks again!


I agree with 1ke…As Mother Teresa once said…“Do what is in front of you.” So, do one thing at a time…each day…that leads you to your goal. Slow and steady wins the race!:slight_smile:

BTW–I noticed your sig line–I remember Johnny Depp saying that in…Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…!! I love that line.:stuck_out_tongue:


That is definitely true. I just feel guilty for not being able to do everything at once. It all happened so fast.

(I love that line too. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor and I recently found out that the line in my sig is an entire song in the musical Hair. Weird)


Have you done an search for temp agencies / “staffing companies” in your area? Temping is a great way to get to work quickly and to get a variety of work experiences under your belt.

I would suggest you do a google search and see what you can come up with. :thumbsup:


I agree. Make sure you put something up on the intetnet at say monster.com. A lot of companies aren’t posting jobs andymore but using recruting services to have the first interview so they can weed out the people before the company actaully will interview them. If you post it somewhere i guarantee you will get recuriters email or calling you. I still get stuff even though i am not looking for a job anymore.


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