Exiled Chinese Priest Tells of Persecution

His grandmother, who somehow knew his future, told him when he was a young boy, that “when you grow up, you will be a priest. You will go to seminary. You will offer sacrifice. Then you go to prison.” And what a ministry he had in China! this article in “Our Sunday Visitor” remarks.
see www.osv.com/tabid/7621/itemid/9843/Chinese-priest-tells-of-persecution.aspx

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Maybe CAF should “spiritually adopt” a city in China and pray daily for our fellow Catholics there. Many martyr saints have been made in China, maybe they will pray for us, for an increase in faith and humility and devotion. For unity and perfect knowledge of God.

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On a serious note, Thank you. I have a burden on my heart for our brothers and sisters still being persecuted for their faith in China.

You are right about the martyrdoms - and it reminded me of the story of the late Canadian born Bishop of Yuanling, China; Cuthbert O’ Gara, author of “Surrender to Secularism”

An excerpt:

Most Rev. Cuthbert M. O’Gara, former bishop of Yuanling, China, relates the following:

"When the Communist troops over-ran my diocese they were followed in very short order by the propaganda corps – the civilian branch of the Red forces – an organization, if anything, more disciplined, more zealous, more fanatical, then the People’s Army of Liberation itself.

The entire population, city and countryside, was immediately organized into distinctive categories – grade school and high school pupils and teachers (Catholic, Protestant and pagan), merchants, artisans, members of the professions, yes, and even the lowly coolies.

Everyone, for a week or more, was forced to attend the seminar specified for his or her proper category and there, willy-nilly in servile submission, listen to the official Communist line.

"Now what, I ask, was the first lesson given to the indoctrinees? One might have supposed that this would have been some pearl of wisdom let drop by Marx, Lenin or Stalin. Such however was not the case.

The first, the fundamental, lesson given was man’s descent from the ape – Darwinism! … Darwinism negates God, the human soul, the after-life. Into this vacuum Communism enters as the be-all and the end-all of the intellectual slavery it has created.

In the Red prison in which I was held, the slogan, 'Bring your mind over to us and all your troubles will end," was hammered into the minds of the prisoners with brutal and numbing monotony. Nothing but a groveling holocaust of the human person can satiate the lust for dominance of Peking’s Red Regime."


Bishop O’Gara survived and was sent back to Canada.

He came to the United States in 1954 to give support to a Catholic U.S. Senator under fire for having investigated the US State Department’s role in negotiating a series of “cease fires” in post - World War II China that ended up being favorable to the Communist insurgents under Mao Tse-tung.

The US directed cease fires changed the course of the Civil War and lead to the eventual defeat and flight of the Nationalist Chinese Government to Taiwan/Formosa. Communist persecution of the Catholic Church began immediately and continues to this day.

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