existence of GOD

I believe it is a matter of faith that God exists!

I happen to believe that us Jews and Christians believe there is only one. Furthermore, Islam also believes in one God. Whether we all agree is another question.

However, when one looks at the order, beauty, complexity, and nature of the physical world, it is clear that one being or many beings put this altogether.

Furthermore, when one looks at all of the moral chaos and natural disasters, one might even consider that some of the gods are evil.

I think history is replete with examples of this.

I think a more logical conclusion is that there isn’t any gods at all.

From where did human reason come?

From where did the laws of the universe come?

How is it the human reason is able to recognize the reasonableness of the laws of nature?

And therefore, from where did the reason in the laws of nature come?


Muslims’ God is not the same God as the Catholic One. the definition of God is different.

That sounds like a question for developmental and cognitive psychology; an interesting field of exploration and probably something with too much information to sufficiently express here. There’s two books on the topic that I would suggest; Neuroconstructivism Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience and Where Mathematics Comes From: How the Embodied Mind Brings Mathematics into Being (I know you asked about “Reason” but this does tie into that, though it concentrates on Math). I found both of them to be interesting summaries on what has been discovered and explored so far.

Except I can’t think of a possible reason why we would evolve into the beings we are today.

I get various responses in this forum on that. Even mentions to some of the other gods (ex: Ganesh or one of the other Hindu gods) has some time been explained as an imperfect understanding of the one true god.

Personally instead of trying to figure out whether or not two gods are the same I prefer to look at the god concepts to see if they are similar (ex: I think we can talk about whether Zeus is a similar concept as Jove, Poseidon, or Shiva without getting into whether whether there are entities behind those concepts and whether or not the identities of the entities are the same).

Looks like you are speaking about something different than indicated in the first message. Here it looks like you are asking for an explanation of human evolution. Previously it looked like you were asking about human how human thought process develops. I don’t think we are allowed to get into a deep discussion of evolution in these forums as indicated by this notification.


The book about math sounds absolutely beautiful.

I wish I had the time to read it.

From where did the laws of nature come?

They are filled with reason or something above or beyond reason.

The laws of nature supersede reason.

It also seems to me that they are mysterious.

Nevertheless, the question about which I am most curious, from where did the reason contained in the laws of nature come?



I offer my Apologies

I made a mistake in confusing you for another user.

Well, by definition, there can only be one Supreme God.

But this Supreme God also made angelic (i.e. immortal, supernatural) beings. Some of these angelic beings turned evil. It seems possible that this plurality of angelic beings consistute of pantheon of “gods”- (in the sense of immortal, supernatural entities- using the term ‘god’ in the sense it is used by polytheistic religions, not monotheistic ones).

Hence, it seems reasonable to think that a plurality of entities are at work- angels (good and bad).

I do not really believe that- but it is not an unreasonable or absurd belief- and perhaps useful as an element of imagination.


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