Can your mind exist out of itself?

Can existence exist outside of itself?

I’m not sure about the mind one, but if existence could exist outside of itself, would it still not be existence anyways…?

On top of that, would it not make sense to say that anything that is not within the bounds of existence simply does not exist?

I’ll skip the 2nd, as I am a nonphilosopher; but on the 1st, I’d say no.

Your mind, if it exists, remains your mind.

For the mind to exist out of itself, would that not require 2 minds?

And, since your mind is the mind of your body, how is that possible in one human body?

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Define mind. This is a complex philosophical term. The answer will depend on what definition you’re using for “mind”

Can existence exist outside of itself?


If by mind you mean intellect, I would state that you are refering to an immaterial reality in which “outside” cannot have any meaning except analogously. This actually touches upon a quite difficult metaphysical question – how the intellect is individualized when not tied to the body. If I’m not mistaken, Aquinas makes the claim that we retain our individuality after death only by being tied to our former bodies. He goes so far as to state that the immortality of the soul becomes difficult to prove if there is no resurrection. (see his Commentary on Corinthians)

As far as existence being “outside” of existence, this is impossible. Beyond existence is nothing/non-existence; although, some neo-Platonists (see Pseudo-Dionysius) used terms like non-existence in application to God to capture how far beyond labeling He is.

We can be out of our mind but our mind can’t be out of us! :slight_smile:

The mind is an entity that cannot be regarded like a material object. It either exists or it doesn’t.

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