Exit in a hurry


What do you think about leaving your job because of bullying & where you are not supported to resolve it. Especially if it is affecting your peace & mental health?


I’d say act as if you’ve already quit. Then you might notice that the bullying doesn’t have any real hold.

I mean while you’re trying to guard your corner every challenge is an upset. But if you’re watching from the sidelines? I find it’s a lot easier to just relax and let things go if I’m already mentally on the bench anyways.

Give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose really.


So, imagine being on a permanent desert island… Pretending To be elsewhere… Thank you for the idea, but I have doubts. Many tks for the idea though, but I don’t think it will work that’s all.


I was in the exact same position back in December. I made a change. Sometimes you do what you have to. I will admit that I am still bitter about it but such is life.


This is sad and unfair :(. So there is no dept/ HR etc. that can step in? People should not feel bullied or harrassed at their jobs. It seems as if it this should at least be borderline illegal.

But in answer to your question, if possible financially, you may need to leave to protect your peace of mind. As far as bullies go, they may move on to someone else.


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